Saturday, September 27, 2014

Russia Preparing For Global War Since 2003

According to Putin's aide.

Putin is a smart man. He has known for a long time that either Russia would join the NWO or it would be exterminated. Putin chose to fight and strategy has focused on isolating his nation for genocide over the past ten years. They have been trying to demonize the country like they do any enemy they intend to launch a war against. I have yet to see Putin trying to foment a conflict anywhere but the Kwanstain has been prodding Russia every single week for years.

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styrac1 said...

The site you linked to is a pathetic anti-Russian propaganda outlet where in its little Russophobic universe Russia invades one of its neighbors every day for the last 10 years. It suggests that Russia isn't preparing for a defensive war as you suggest against the NWO and its armed wing of NATO, but for a war of aggression against its neighbors, which is an outright lie of course, used for scaremongering and keeping the obedient East European slaves under US hegemony. I see no point of linking to it because it makes an entirely different one than the one you make.

As for Putin, he has made a series of blunders, he is willing to go out of his way to accommodate US demands to avoid conflict with the US, he even stopped the march of the rebels on Mariupol and while they where winning the ceasefire agreement did not reflect the reality on the ground, and the only party that made concessions was the pro-Russian rebels when it should be the Ukrainians making them. Putin and Russia are already paying heavily and will pay even more for their appeasement policy towards the US and the West.

He has lost Ukraine but if he doesn't change course by responding to the US provocations with equal aggression, no matter what that might entail, he is risking much more.

US strategy relied on the assertion that Russia could be bullied to inaction no matter the level of provocation against it. They were right:

Putin's timidness is staring to put some weird ideas in the minds of the people in Washington. That they could get away with anything. Anything being a first strike against Russia, this time betting that Russia won't retaliate.

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