Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rent-A-Mob Protests Inaction Against ManBearPig

Soros provides the catering and the transportation.

I love the on-the-street interviews where the protestors reveal they barely even know where they are or what they are protesting. Somebody told them to get on a bus.


theepilgrim said...

Hilarious. I honestly can't decide which pic is my favourite. The one of the senile old man walking aimlessly on a deserted street holding a UN flag. Were they withholding his medication?

Maybe that last pick of the girl holding up a "MILLIONS WILL DIE!" sign with a bored, disinterested look on her face. The sign says millions will die, her face says "where's that free lunch I was promised?"

The Berlin pic, cropped and angled in such a way to give the impression that there might actually be more than the 6 or 7 people pictured (spoiler: there wasn't).

And it sure was nice of Soros to let his 12 year-old niece do the photoshop on that "packed crowd" in New York. Such a sweet guy.

evilwhitemalempire said...

I have the solution to climate change.

The male pill!

When it arrives you will know.

There will be a giant slapping sound heard 'round the world.

The sound of a billion female thighs slamming shut all at once.

The collective female frigidity will permanently reverse global warming.

Problem solved.

John said...

I like the "moment of silence" picture. The lady with her eyes closed has a Golden Nugget fanny pack, I'll bet she's just counting the minutes until she can hop a bus to Atlantic City and start pouring the day's wages into a slot machine.

DeBlasio's proposed 80% "greenhouse gas" reduction should mesh nicely with the increasingly harsh winters. This is one of the few times I can actually believe what a politician is saying.