Saturday, September 27, 2014

Possible Scenarios For Upcoming Ebola Op

They're plotting something with this Ebola drivel. You can feel it. It is an initiative started in tandem with the fake terrorism videos green-screened in "the Middle East."

Everything going on in the world at the moment is a panic and a crisis created by the elites. There's no panic or crisis, just the usual crap. It is all being generated and they are getting sloppier every time they stage something. I know from my experience in USAR psy-ops that you cannot stage an event that is better than the people who take part in it. If your participants are morons, the operation will fail to convince. These operations fail to convince because the people running them are morons. A much smarter group could have done ISIS videos that would have been authentic and convinced even people like me that the group existed. If anything I was convinced of the opposite by seeing them.

The Ebola hoax could all just be part of a marketing campaign where they eventually get our kids to take 10,000 vaccines before 12 months. Create a fake scare, pretend to rescue everybody with a fake vaccine and do it again until people are so worn down that they take any injection they are told to.


Sam said...

The Ebola outbreaks seemed to have started in the cities. I could be wrong about that but my impression from the first reports was that they were also in more than one city. It's so difficult to find truthful information these days. If Ebola did start in multiple cites you know the Israelis are up to their old tricks. Combined with all the aliens being given free rein to enter the US it doesn't look good. I've got 3M mask like you use to paint with the round replaceable filters. I'm going to stock up on some more of the ones that keep out vapors. They seem to be the best easily obtainable and should be better than than the regular NOSH N95 mask.

T.H.T. said...

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