Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Peace Prize Prez Gins Up Another Vietnam With Camel Jockeys

Manboons are not a learning animal.

If you squint, sometimes Homo Sapiens almost looks like a little person. Sometimes.

You can't really say you ruined the country until you drag it into a quagmire that lasts for years after your term is up. Obama knows he only has a year left to work his magic. Now people in 2020 can hate Barack as well even when they no longer know what he looked like.

Unconstitutional undeclared wars against guerrilla forces in Bungfuggia is truly the gift that keeps on giving even after you have left office. Barack is just making sure he satisfies his Zionist campaign funders with one last act of complete madness before he turns out the lights and turns his desk over to the next idiot in line. Although Barack was originally tasked to play the good cop to get elected, a man has to eat and therefore has to pay off his backers by applying U.S. military force to the problems they created on the taxpayer's dime if he wants to enjoy a nice retirement.

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