Sunday, September 14, 2014

Panic Amongst The Elite

Scotland could be the start of a wildfire that will be impossible to control.

These people advance when times are good and men are like flies in a beam of sunlight, so content they cannot be bothered to muster much opposition. When these men succeed, times get worse and suddenly people find the strength to summon up some resistance.


Grognard said...

You give people too much credit. They won't start to rebel until their countries are at least as wrecked as sweden and greece. And by then it's too late, your country is wrecked forever, no going back even if you do break free of the madness.

Mantis Mainomai said...

I think I perhaps understand better your optimism with the last post on Scotland, now.

Even if Scotland ends up being a Labour run, soft communist backwater applying to lick EU arse, rather than UK, the fact they separate could be an important precedent.

First Scotland, but then who? Catalonia, Basque Country, Brittany, South Tirol, Flanders, who knows? And if so many nations subservient to larger countries are achieve independence, then smaller countries subservient to the EU may just get caught up in the fervour too!

Ah, were only to become a continent of Switzerlands (without the bankers).

Well, we can be hopeful.