Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NukAlert Battery Replacement Program at KI4U

If you purchased one of these about ten years ago on a Vault-Co recommendation, you should know you can get it fully refurbished here. They'll recalibrate it and add a new watertight case with an instructions imprint that doesn't wear off easily like the old one.

A good alternative to buying a replacement or the new version.

For those of you who missed it in the original post a few years back, here is the most kick-ass self-calibrating nuclear war radiation detection device ever made military grade the IM174A at Oatley Electronics here in Australia. It also comes with a digital interface nowadays especially built for the case! I think I have at least three of them put away now. Best of all, it could have jumped right off the screen of FALLOUT 3 it is so hardcore looking. In a pinch you could hurl it at a mutant attacking your shelter and break his neck - it is built of very solid components. You can put a strap on it and carry it around your neck facing up as a "portable" meter if need be.


deadman said...

Side note.
The more they think they know, the more the realize they don't know :

"There is a "missing light crisis..."

Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis

The article points out that the Higgs Boson particle hasn't exactly been the holy grail of science it was touted to be.

- deadman.

Bob said...

Tex, are these detectors supplied already built or is there some soldering involved?

Texas Arcane said...


They are brand new in the box ready for service when delivered.

If you want to give them a digital interface, you have to assemble the kit they sell along with it.

It took me about an hour and half to put it together and I am hardly a great electronics engineer. The kit is pretty easy if you have a soldering iron and a few small tools.

Bob said...

thanks, ill order one now.