Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modern Science Is A Religious Cult

You heard it on Vault-Co first.

Stephen Hawkings built his entire career on this sheister bullsh*t. His whole catalog of drivel revolves around this nonsense.

As I have said on this blog before, Professor Xavier is comic book stuff. The idea that because somebody is incapacitated in a wheelchair they must be a soopa jeenius makes sense to you if your understanding of the world never got far beyond comic books.

Hawkings was a complete failure who was unable to pass his exams, heavily indebted with medical costs and near bankruptcy when he managed to hit it big with his traveling carnival of scienmagistical wonders. Over the next thirty years alongside his fellow carny, Carl Sagan, the two of them led the entire Western world into a ridiculous fantasyland of black holes, dark matter, quantum non-physics and generic batsh*t crazy gibberish, the majority of it made up ten minutes before they wrote it down or performed it in front of a green screen. All of it appallingly bad science, abominable scholarship and dreadfully inadequate rational thinking.

Meanwhile, the real world has rolled on in a kind of static wasteland where genuine scientific progress has been negligible.

The latest expression of this market bilking cash harvesting machine has been Biotechnology, where two decades of excuses to print money have resulted in very little tech that benefits anybody anywhere except the original scammers who sold their stock early. 

I am serious when I say more authentic scientific progress was made between the start of World War II and the year I was born in '63 in a single field of research than all the "progress" made after the cultural wars ended in all legitimate fields of science combined. Since 1965 there have been many technological improvements made to existing principles, especially in reduction of area for semiconductors ... but almost no significant breakthroughs or revolutionary advancements anywhere to be seen. A particularly bleak desert would be found in medicine, which came to a standstill in the mid-50s and has not budged since. The answer to nearly everything for "modern" doctors is to prescribe antibiotics or "shoot it with radiation," treatments that in 90% of cases are much worse than doing nothing at all.


Grognard said...

Good to see myself vindicated about this guy. Of course no one will credit the fact I was among his first doubters, like usual.

Mr. Orlovic said...

Texas Arcane,

I was very surprised when I heard about your theories on the settlement of Europe. Very few people besides my fellow geneticists are even remotely aware of the fact that the continent was settled by multiple races. I really must emphasize how odd it is seeing someone with no background in archaeogenetics, but who understands so much about what scientists now call Solutreans and Ancient Europeans.

The people you call “Neanderthals” are better termed Solutreans. They were modern humans with 8 to 10% Neanderthal ancestry (much more than modern humans), but they had fully modern phenotypes. They also lived in close proximity to true Neanderthals for thousands of years (perhaps even longer) without either group blending into the other. They appear to have been a very intelligent and egalitarian lot.

The group you call “Cro-Magnons” are called “Ancient Europeans” by most modern geneticists. However, for the purpose of clarity I will refer to them as “Cro-Magnons.” They invaded the Solutrean held areas and captured portions of the continent. They were not overly inventive and largely gained their victories through numerical superiority. Eventually the Solutreans halted their expansion.

At this time there were people with highly elongated skulls (what you call “Melonheads”). They were not a truly separate species of hominid. They were merely modern humans with a genetic mutation which I have been told was detected amongst some of the more ancient Egyptian mummies.

There was one more group of people who invaded Europe. These people are often called “Proto-Indo-Europeans” or “Neolithic Europeans.” They arrived approximately 5,000 years ago and were some of the most technologically advanced people on the planet. They had domestic animals, war dogs, bronze weapons (this is somewhat controversial, but I have personally seen images of swords), and a highly efficient culture.

While it is commonly believed that they entered the continent through Southern Russia, the modern Europeans who are the most closely related to the Proto-Indo-Europeans are people from Austria, Hungary, and especially the former Yugoslavia (particularly speakers of the Shtokavian dialect).

The autosomal DNA tests which have verified this fact are not often discussed, but they paint a very clear picture. The Proto-Indo-Europeans destroyed every existing culture in the Balkans. They were remarkably thorough. They then expanded to the North and West. The Cro-Magnons offered no effective resistance and appear to have fled from the invasion front. The Solutreans seem to have offered some resistance, but they were swiftly defeated. Mass “pilings” of dead Solutreans with their skulls crushed in indicates that psychological warfare may have been in use.

Eventually the Solutreans and Cro-Magnons became largely limited to the Atlantic fringe and Baltic regions of the continent.

Then the Indo-Europeans appear to have changed their interests. They turned their attention to the Middle Eastern civilizations. They invaded Sumeria and were recorded as “Gutians.”

Most geneticists will not openly discuss the fact that people from various regions of Europe have wildly different levels of ancestry from each of these ancient groups. I have even been told not to discuss these facts publically by my professors. However, this can somewhat be alleviated by the fact that Neanderthal ancestry varies between each group. Solutreans had the most Neanderthal ancestry and Indo-Europeans had the least. Those who participate in genetic genealogy projects will often find that if their ancestry is from the Balkans (such as mine) that they have less Neanderthal ancestry whereas if they are from the Atlantic fringe or Baltic they carry more Neanderthal ancestry than average. I can personally attest to this fact.

bicebicebice said...

Russell said...

I think the situation is even worse, if that's possible.

Something out there exists which we call Black Holes, we have lots of observed evidence of the effects of that something. Hawkins glommed onto that and fabricated his career out of it, taking Einstein's work and re-branding it as his own.

Now someone is denying real world evidence based on mathematical models.

The media went nuts, and spun this away from what really is going on. Remember, these are the same people that swallow the global warming models as being accurate despite what is being recorded and experienced.

It's a case of one charlatan colliding with another charlatan supported by media spin.

No matter what happens, honest science loses.