Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Manboons. Manboons are not a learning animal.

In the end, a citizenry tends to get the government they deserve.

They think America is going to recover.

That will never happen. There is nothing left to recover. It's all gone.

The country I was born in ceased to exist long, long ago.

As the article explains, they just have to find some jobs to replace the 300 million they have lost, all their industries including tech and most of the resources they used to extract except nobody wants them any more. Like, a new economy that doesn't suck. Unlike this economy they have now. Oh, I almost forgot, you have to accomplish this miracle with Mexican labor, mostly because they are the youngest demographic and the only working age people left. Most of them illegal immigrants with no skills of any kind.

Six years until a recovery? Unfortunately, they lost 500 years of economic progress overnight.


Russell said...

It won't be pleasant, don't get me wrong, but anything that will financially strangle the Fed octopus is a good thing.

theepilgrim said...

Black Holes proven to be mathematically impossible.

Note: The math does not say black holes don't exist, it says that black holes can't exist. They are nothing more than the bizarre, psychological projection of warped minds and empty souls.

Of course, I'm sure every reader on Vault-Co already knows that this won't change anything. Black holes may not exist, but the memory hole sure does.