Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lawlessness Is Arbitrary Chaos

Western civilisation has been losing ground to the advance of barbarism for fifty years as have all declining societies throughout recorded history.

Barbaric societies are arbitrary. They are run on impulse and animal gratification of passing whims by whatever psychotic can seize power. They fight wars inspired by flashes of irrational rage, driven by the hallucinations of shamans and seers, outraged at threats that do not exist and determined to destroy phantoms that are not even there. It is the not the good cause that hallows a war but the good war that hallows any cause. When the only tool you have in life is a hammer, every problem seems to be a nail or else otherwise you would have to admit you cannot cope at all with your dilemmas.

The end of the Roman Empire saw a succession of lunatics bumping off their predecessors and then launching wars that their citizens had to fight without any clear purpose or goal in mind. They bankrupted the treasury and reduced themselves to ruin and to the bitter end were still launching wars after they had no troops left to fight and no territory left to defend. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

Manboons are not a learning animal. They are scripted creatures, biological automatons, genetic wind-up toys. They neither reason, nor think, nor learn from experience, neither their own and especially not that of their ancestors. They are the simulation of life. They are an imitation of some ideal. What ideal was it that inspired their mockery of life, their hollow play-acting at life as though they were real?

Where do we get the rules by which a simulation follows? There must have been a genuine human, not a mere replica or simulacra, along which these modern creatures are modelled but not heirs of.

The real humans were the race we call the Neanderthals, named after the valley in which their bones were first found. They were a race that survived one million years of cold climate before Homo Sapiens appeared anywhere. Homo Sapiens did not pass through the Ice Age. They could not have survived. They lack the brains, brawn, character, virtue, levelheadedness and strength for it. These eternally warring savages and fruitcakes could not have emerged from one million years of cold. There is no way they could have survived given their basic character. They could not be produced even as a result of the inherent decadence of the brief warming period called the Holocene. They could not even be the result of a dearth of natural selection for tens of thousands of years. There is too much missing from them that should be present but isn't.

When you learn these rough copies of humans appeared at the Southern tip of Europe 40,000 years ago and marched north like a wave of zombies killing everything in their path, is it too theoretical to propose that having no pedigree, they must be homunculi, golems, fabricated goods made for one reason?

Having lost their original reason to exist, all that is left for them now is to fight eternal war. For them, there can never be any higher purpose than to kill or be killed. It is all that they have ever known and it is all they will ever know.

The ruling class running this sideshow from behind the scenes not only understands these creatures better than they understand themselves, they understand them at a fundamental level that bespeaks ownership. All this chaos is a way for a man to simply reclaim his property. These beasts have wandered off the reservation and their owners are trying to round them up in the way herders always have, by making noise and startling them and trying to stampede them back towards the open gate so they can be moved back into their stalls. They have fresh hay, water and oats waiting for them inside. The elites have deep, instinctive feelings that they have a right to recover their domesticated animals, who under the influence of a handful of Neanderthals have wandered off their feedlots and tried to form nations based on liberty, equality before the law and respect of private property. Again, the Neanderthal is always the troublemaker, the rabble rouser putting fantastic notions into the heads of simple grazing animals. Were it not for the Founding Fathers then George Washington would have been crowned King of America. It is a few hybrids who have created all this trouble and now it must be solved with much upheaval and chaos and violence to reconcile the animals back to their masters.

The best illustration of the barn they want to build is found in their occult megalith called the Georgia Guidestones. It is a blueprint for the construction of a new Tower of Babel to finish the work begun by the ancient melonhead Nimrod before he was whacked by the Neanderthal Ninja Esau during one of his walks in the woods. The Freemasons have dreamed of restoring this work ever since it was interrupted the last time. It is one of the fundamentals of their existence. You'll notice the structure commemorates this continuance of long term planning by including the ancient languages of Babylonian, Sumerian and Sanskrit spoken by their ancestors. "We'd have succeeded too, if it weren't for those damn meddling Neanderthal rodeo clowns."


Grognard said...

Social contract is falling apart, but sadly people choose to indulge their own pathetic whims instead of try to fight the corruption.

Mantis Mainomai said...

You say the real humans were Neanderthals. Do you have an opinion on other hominids, such as Heidelbergensis, Denisova, Erectus and so on?

I have also seen it suggested that the original Homo Sapiens was probably quite similar to the San/Bushmen people today. Gracile, adapted to the savannah and desert, distance running, nomadic hunter gatherers. And while it would be a stretch to imagine black Africans "evolving" into the world's races, Bushmen not so much. They also apparently lived in the Green Sahara and East Africa before desertification and Afroasiatic/Negro expansion isolated them in Southern Africa.

I'm not sure if it's true that they were the original Homo Sapiens (or at least closer to the original), but I bring it up, because everything I've red about the Bushmen suggest they shared an awful lot of traits with your description of Neanderthals.

They loved to hunt, and hunted largely with bows and poisoned arrows (they weren't "spear chuckers"). They loved to paint, and have left magnificent paintings in South Africa, as well as possibly being the artists of the earliest period in the Sahara. They honoured cattle, but Elaine over Aurochs, and had a great love of animals, despite being hunters. Most of all they were fiercely independent, and would fight to the death before giving up. When Blacks and Whites started taking over their territory in South Africa, they retreated to the mountains, inhospitable desert and swamp to keep living on their own terms. They never capitulated to Europeans like Bantu did, nor did they to the Bantu. They never turned to cannibalism, like the Bantu, after the devastation of Shaka Zulu.

They're like the African Neanderthal.

Sam said...

I think that the degeneration of the West is just a long drawn out pattern that has happened over and over. The same thing happened to Asians, Greeks, Romans, Indie Americans, etc. I don't believe in the perfection of Humans or Neanderthals. Things get easier after a group of people build up a society and they forget how they got there. Seems to take ten generations in most cases then all of a sudden the whole thing flies apart.

Here’s a good link that describes the degeneration of art and behavior based on the age of Empires. The US tracks very closely with other Empires in their degeneracy. It’s not too long. Very interesting, to me. I’m always interested in long cyclic type patterns. I believe two contradictory things. That most life, economics, etc are based of oscillating patterns but I also believe that one individual can change these patterns. Very difficult but possible. The old for the loss of a shoe, the horse was lost, which caused the loss of the knight, which lost the battle, etc…

Written by Sir John Bagot GLUBB

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