Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kwanstainia Is A Third World Country

It fits the economic criteria and has sufficient people living below $2 a day to easily be declared a third world failed regime that has been unable to provide opportunity for it's own population.

This before the coming crash of their dollar. Before the crash.

Anybody old enough and wise enough to know what is going on is bumping themselves off in Kwanstainia. All her veterans and a lot of people who know that things are not going to get better there and expect the worst.

Some say Robin Williams was just a high profile white man who suicided and got more media attention than the tsunami of whites checking out in the Kwa. Since whites are the cancer of the world and responsible for all the bad things in it I can only imagine what kind of paradise it is going to be in the Kwa soon once they are all gone or reduced to powerlessness. I bet the new Kwa is going to be wall-to-wall singing smurfs, rainbow ponies and dancing peanuts in tuxedos, oh how we'll laugh. That sunshine stew will be free for all and it will pour down like manna from heaven leaving no child's behind. I can almost smell that utopia now - it is a whiff of cordite and burning baby meat.

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