Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kenyan Committing Troops Like Colonial Force Without Approval of Congress

They are called the articles of impeachment, Congress. If you don't have the guts to use them then you are even less qualified to hold office than this illegal immigrant "President."

This guy is so out of control he is like Idi Amin or Pol Pot. He's gone nuts. He's just shooting off at the mouth and saying anything that sounds right. I'd consider impeaching him based on his demonstrated mental unfitness for this executive role. This is a man with a long history of drug abuse, unemployment and male prostitution. He is now having a nervous breakdown in office in public in his last year, not that he was all that mentally stable for the other seven years he has tenuously held that desk.

Congress, it is time to introduce articles of impeachment and force this guy to resign. He is a one man wrecking crew and has just about finished off what was left of the United States. Benghazi alone should have triggered criminal proceedings. The dude is not wrapped too tight and you have to wonder who is really to blame ... this vagrant or the people dumb enough to vote for him. As someone recently said, America could survive Obama but it can't survive an electorate that is stupid enough to vote for someone with absolutely nothing on his resume for the past forty years.

If the chief executive does not feel the law should restrain his actions then you can't blame the other 300 million citizens if they wake up tomorrow morning and decide they are not stopping for red lights anymore and they tear the tag off their mattress and drive without seatbelts and skip paying taxes for a couple of decades.


August said...

They aren't going to touch him. They imagine it would be political suicide to impeach the 1st black president.

Chunkations said...

people voted for him in 2008 because it was him or another republican...after 8 years of Bush.
Just lack of good choices really.

August said...

That isn't really true. It isn't him versus another republican- it is him versus a republican unacceptable to other republicans, so all the democrats enamored with having a black president got their wish. Even McCain, as terrible as he is, had a chance to win- if he had gone against the bailouts. Bottom line- the whole damn thing is rigged.

Tex, you might be interested in this video:
You may find it weird at first, but you'll probably enjoy it when he goes underground.

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