Friday, September 19, 2014

How Russia Broke The Yoke of Communism and Then Saved The World

Go, Vladimir!! Kicking ass and taking names with MOX fuel!

While the dullards of the Kwanstain continue to try to spin their windmills to prove they can power electric lights at least one day a month, the Russians are moving into the Jetsons future.

MOX tech is more advanced than pebble-bed reactors. Like a lot of Russian technology these guys keep flying under the radar and popping up with new innovations that look like something from a 1950's science fiction novel. Meanwhile in the Kwa, science and engineering peaked and then have flatlined ever since the end of the 70's when almost all the foundations of the tech they parasite off now were finalised. The average Kwanstainian can barely read, write or speak at a high school competency level … in Russia they are mass producing a nuclear fuel that vanishes in a puff of smoke when it is used.


Grognard said...

The average 'American' today has zero interest in anything more than 20 seconds into the future. This is the most saddening part of the 'demographic change' I have witnessed in my lifetime.

KW Jackson said...

It's not nuclear fuel, but it could help with people fuel after a nuclear event. It's Arduino controlled hydroponics and it may have some good info for you future projects.

Sam said...

I'm at the extreme when it comes to support for nuclear power plants. The YES extreme but not these. We should stop making plants that can explode. I'm not saying the BN-800 is a ticking time bomb. It's a good design but it has fundamental problems like almost ALL nuclear power plants world wide. First the BN-800 uses liquid metal sodium (Na) as a coolant. It does have several loops to separate the water from the reactor core but still. You ever drop any sodium into water? BIG BOOM. It stupid. If something goes wrong it goes wrong BIG. The Russian Lead-Bismuth reactors are safer. Used in their submarines. Lead doesn't chemically explode if the reactor breaks.
2. See those pellets? All pellet type fuels swell. They also change dimensions due to neutron bombardment. It's not that they don't know this or that they haven't taken it into account. The question is, why bother? Reactors today are like riding a unicycle. Yeah it works but it's tricky.

The real key to safe reactor design is molten salt reactors. One design uses the same depleted uranium fuel mixed with salts. Others use Thorium. Cut and paste from this reactor page,

"...Molten salt reactors. During the 1960s the USA developed the molten salt fast reactor as the primary back-up option for the conventional fast breeder reactor, and a small prototype was operated for about four years. Recent work has focused on lithium and beryllium fluoride (FLiBe) coolant in a fast neutron spectrum (MSFR) with dissolved thorium and U-233 fuel. MSFRs have large negative temperature and void coefficients(Important-hotter they get, they shut down. Built in regulation).

The Molten Salt Fast Neutron Reactor (MSFR) is one of two baseline concepts being pursued. It will take in thorium fuel cycle, recycling of actinides, closed Th/U fuel cycle with no U enrichment, with enhanced safety and minimal wastes. The GIF 2014 Roadmap said that a lot of work needed to be done on salts before demonstration reactors were operational, and suggested 2025 as the end of the viability R&D phase.

The attractive features of the MSR fuel cycle include: the high-level waste comprising fission products only, hence shorter-lived radioactivity; small inventory of weapons-fissile material (Pu-242 being the dominant Pu isotope); low fuel use (the French self-breeding variant claims 50kg of thorium and 50kg U-238 per billion kWh); and safety due to passive cooling up to any size..."

Molten salt reactor design could be vastly speeded up. If it melts down all that will happen is the salt will flow out into a holding tank. The salt freezes at a high temperature so as soon as it leaves the vessel it freezes in place. We could work on these at the old atomic testing grounds and take a few more risk while not threatening any sort of catastrophic accident. Might lose a few reactors in testing. Cover with concrete and leave them.

Jake said...

I believe that the combination of vaccines and fluoride (with some GMO mixed in) is partly to blame.
When I got rid of the fluoride last year, I started on a slow but sure road to partial recovery.
May actually regain some of the lost mental capacity I had until about the age of 15, when the fluoride started to really degrade me.

I know that this is 100% true (about fluoride), because within about 2 weeks or less of starting to drink reverse osmosis water, my low-grade and impossible to get rid of depression and mental fog started lift. I know that 100% of the damage cannot be reversed, by I believe that by pushing myself mentally, along with good food and water, I may really help myself.
So, I am starting to learn a new language, and study computer science from scratch.
Wish me luck, fellow 'thals.

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