Sunday, September 28, 2014

Generation Fail

Bret Ellis on the tenth generation, which is always the last generation.

I don't even want to get started on this subject.

All I am going to say is … the kind of historical ripeness just begging for another nation to come and kick their ass and take everything they have. They might as well advertise for it. Remember, nowadays it is much worse than barbarian hordes and females dragged off over the shoulder. Much worse. Chances are it starts with a high altitude EMP burst and just goes downhill from there.


cbenediccengi said...

I am 29 years old. Engineer. I assure you that this generation is 10X more retarded than you think.
They literally know nothing about anything. The American estimates of a 90% die off in an EMP event is would be 99.99%. knowledge and supply chains are so diverse and widespread that they would collapse instantly. James Wesley Rawles has stated that we wouldn't be driven back to the 1800's, we'd be driven back to the stone-age, because no one today has 1800s knowledge or equipment.
The books 'Hellstorm' and 'Savage Continent' depict a literal hell on earth, post-war; imagine what the current psychopaths would do without food.
I can honestly sympathize with the elites when they call them 'useless eaters', but my own disappointment has proven them right time and again. There is no Ghost in the Machine, that's an insult to machines. They're animals.

cbenediccengi said...

confessions from the most popular 'dating' application. imagine one of these as a parent.

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