Monday, September 29, 2014

Functional Illiterates Indebted To The Grave For Their Edjamafacashun

The majority of Americans read and write at less than a 3rd grade level but their "education" debts continue into their senior years.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Unemployed and in debt for a hundred thousand dollars for a piece of paper that is not worth the cellulose it cost to print it.

You read about the horrible workhouses of the 18th century where people worked off their "debts" until the day they died and wonder how on earth the government could allow the banks to turn their citizens lives into a living hell in which the only thing they had to look forward to was the release of the grave.

The Old Testaments advice for a jubilee every 49 years was the least mercy you would expect in this world from anybody who was a child of God.

I swear if I were in charge I'd have a jubilee every 12 years, around the length of a long term bond. You can imagine the raw human happiness and the limitless vistas that would open up for society. It would be like a little slice of heaven every 12 years. People would get a clean slate, all their worries would be gone. If your bank had not collected the price of your home by then, you'd own it free and clear. I reckon most people would think I was a fool to even dream of such a thing but you know it would change the whole scope of human struggle and improve everything in society at every level. Bankers would cry and fret like the Satanic little bastards they are but I'd tell them, if you cannot recoup your loan in 12 years then don't make it asshole because after that people will tear it up and throw it back at you. The banks would make wiser investments, loan money with a lot of stringent discipline and likely end up the happiest of all because of it. It would lead to more private coops to raise capital with much greater redress for investors.

The people who run the world ultimately are not as interested in money as they are in causing misery. If they had to forfeit a lot of money just to insure a lot more misery they'd take the loss.

Usurers wreck nations. Jubilees liberate men from usury and recharge their batteries full of hope. Mankind needs hope like a fish needs water. Without a teleology of the future, men despair and waste away. Most people don't realize it but survivalists are people with a teleology that tries to charge them with hope where other men just get drunk from sheer pain, frustration and hopelessness. The survivalist would have to be considered a kind of man or woman who does not give up as easily as others do.


John said...

From the article it would seem that this is just a trickle of pebbles before the avalanche. I can't believe there are that many older people with student debt. What have they been doing for the past 40 years? Why did they let their children major in shit like Women's Studies? My generation is pathetic, sure, but what chance did they have being raised by a crop of pantywaisted mental defectives? I'm old enough now to look back and think, what the hell were they doing?

Probably the worst and most unforgivable thing is the drugging of the children, especially the boys. Those with an instinctive aversion to the iniquities of the education system are the ones who could become strong-willed men capable of making a difference, and look what's done to them. They starting doping them in grade school, first amphetamines and then later on psych meds in high school. All the while they're being told by various sources that it's never appropriate to raise one's voice and that working with your hands is undignified. Oh, and let's not forget that defending yourself from physical assault is a punishable offense. There will be at least be therapy and medication.

All of this done with the parents' full consent. What a bunch of faggots. Time to reap what you've sown.

aeolipera said...

Preach it!

The Observer said...

Off topic, but important:

First Ebola case diagnosed in US.

Welp, only a matter of time now.

Grognard said...

A simple idea, but a good one.