Friday, September 12, 2014

Evidence Of Massive Marketwide Insider Trading One Minute 6 Seconds Before The First Tower Was Hit In New York

The evidence is overwhelming that there was an inside cadre who knew of the attack many months in advance and had planned to benefit from it economically.

Boeing stock was dumped all over the planet one minute before the first tower was hit. The sell orders were often marked as prepared in advance, indicating that not only did this group of insiders know about the attack, they knew the exact time the plane would hit the tower with a minute's lead time to sell their stocks and make a huge profit off catastrophe.


cbenediccengi said...

you'll probably find this an interesting talk.

'we were more carnivorous than wolves'..

mojo said...

Heard a clip on ABC radio news about this the day after. I contacted ABC to find out more because I couldn't find anything on their website that evening. Nobody knew anything about it, imagine that.

Grognard said...

I find the 911 truther stuff hard to swallow but that is pretty damning. If it is not conspiracy confirmation it shows some quick thinking.

Sam said...

Grognard said.,"I find the 911 truther stuff hard to swallow..."

All you have to know about 911 is World Trade Center building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a bowling ball dropped out of a helicopter in the air for 108 feet. This is impossible. Even worse, all four corners of the building fell at about the same speed even though the only damage was to the back. It's just not possible. If you were to magically suspend the floors in air and put marshmallows in between them it would fall slower than it did.

When the Hasbara post about what idiots the truthers are I always post this. They shut up immediately because any talk about building #7 is toxic to their "we're all idiots" meme. This is not complicated. It's high school physics.

There's a lot of evidence that 911 was an inside job but building #7 is proof. Some of the disbelief comes from active disinformation. Web sites promote stupid 911 theories to make the whole truther thing look silly.

styrac1 said...

I find the official 9/11 story much more hard to swallow. Technical details, while useful to serve only as a basis, when they are the sole focus become an impediment instead of revealing the truth, in the sense that people get tired of them, and this then is exploited by the shills in the so-called truth movement in order to divert attention to the "how" instead of the "why", which is the question the "truth movement" should be asking.

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