Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Embetterment And Enrichmentation In Real-Time

Good visual chart of the creeping rot from 1990-2014.

Notice all the gun-toting, bible-thumping Christian heartland states are the only ones that appear to still be free of substantial enrichmentation and all the benefits of central socialism and government regulation.

These are the fly-over zones that elites on both east and west coast are always accusing of clinging to "traditional values," but maybe they are really just the last areas with a modicum of sanity on display.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

Notice that the South was doing just fine for a number of those years.

I think all the labor gains in the South have gone to immigrants, and marginal whites and blacks have made the economically rational move to disability or welfare. This would raise unemployment despite the fact that Southern economies are (to my .observation) doing quite well).

Amy said...

I'm happy my husband is a man who is employed, and in a needful field. He's a welder/fitter and from what he tells me, can out-engineer even the engineers and PMs in his field, just by using common sense.

But even his work is being threatened; hiring laws based on skin color...oops, sorry, diversity requirements, mean he will never get certain jobs.

Do TPTB wonder that people won't turn on them, or are they only lying in wait for it to happen? I'm not smart enough to know.

I have a dinky job as a part-time sitter for gym-kids whose parents need a few hours of peace to swing the dumbbells around. It's fine, I don't mind it. It's not challenging intellectually, but it is socially challenging, and I am certain I won't be working there much longer as I don't fit their social milieu. That I can use words like "social milieu" is the prime indicator that I am an outsider. Oh well.

This is a depressing .gif, but not wholly unsurprising for me. More and more often I meet 25+ year-old people making ends meet by working multiple jobs that sub-HS grads could have done at age 15.

My non-HS grad, WWII vet grandfather told me a long time ago: send your jobs overseas, and you're lost - you can't get an economy moving without people cranking the wheels at the bottom.

He was not educated, but my grandfather, rest his soul, was a knowledgeable man. Find me anyone who can work a manual C&C machine like him, and make screws or bolts or nuts or washers to exact spec, and tie fly lures like an artist and butcher a deer to the perfect standards of a supermarket cow peddler, and I'll pay that man respect. My husband is the only man who comes close to those standards, and even he knows that something great passed from this earth when my grandfather died.

I wonder if he turns in his grave, seeing the jobs he hoped his grand- and great-grand children would work, given to the Asians he fought near-death. I don't think he imagined that his sons, and grandsons, and great-grandchildren would be reduced to begging for their bread because if his decision to fight.

cbenediccengi said...

speaking of traditional values. how's this for some Christian mercy and grace?

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I have told that this is why we now calculate "Gross Domestic Product," because whatever formula generated "Gross National Product" showed we were at a net loss.

styrac1 said...