Thursday, September 4, 2014

Djoser Was A Practice Pyramid For Newcomers

It is called the oldest pyramid by the orthodoxy.

Except it isn't. The inner walls of the Great Pyramid of Giza have caps and columns that look like they were cut more than 8,000 years ago from a quarry to the south and then installed into an existing pyramid.

Djoser is a crude little affair that plays well into their conceits about the "evolution" in design that led to Giza. In fact, Djoser looks like some newcomers arrived a few thousand years ago in Egypt, a dynasty completely unassociated with the original pyramid and they practiced building a few crude tombs before they tackled the restoration of Giza. This consisted of a new outer mantle and a gold capstone for the crown.

Giza may have been a very ancient structure like the Sphinx that the new caucasian rulers (recently arrived melonheads) tried to restore to its former glory just as people are trying now to restore these structures. The evidence says both the Sphinx and Giza were originally built a long, long time ago.

For example, the new pharoahs repainted and finished the walls when they had the finances to do so (all that crap about slave labor is bunkum) and certainly made many cosmetic improvements as far as their aesthetic sense was concerned. Where this refinish has collapsed or fallen away inside of Giza, you can see they had painted over rock that looked like it had been subjected to terrible heat previously, either in a big fire that broke out inside the pyramid or else some of the far fringe elements suggest a tactical low-yield nuke was detonated in the center by rivals to attempt to destroy it.

The evidence points to Giza being very old when the little Djoser practice mound was built by inferior workman using different techniques. The orthodoxy says they got better because it is the only possible explanation. I say it is because the last pharoahs had not been in Egypt for thousands of years when they arrived there and tried to summon up the former glory of the ancient city which had sat there in ruins for millennia. I am in the school that thinks that the pyramids were originally built when the entire area was a lush tropical paradise.

Check out these guys, trying to date good masonry to 600 A.D. in Mexico. Damn, that is around the time the first colonists arrived in America, I don't know how they missed these incredibly advanced cultures when all the Mexicans they met were living in crude adobe huts. The hard and fast rule is that anything found in South America has to have happened after the birth of Christ because that is when these civilizations were supposed to have flourished. The only difference between religion and the kind of "science" these lads practice is they don't wear costumes as funny as those the Vatican comes up with.


randogu said...

This gentleman corroborates your theory that the original walls weathered atomic blasts.

The entire thing is an interesting and well thought out read, but you can skip to section 13 in the Table of Contents for his specific breakdown of Giza as chemical laser.

Thank you for what you do Tex, it is appreciated

The Irreverend said...

Hmm @randogu that guy's theory is compelling from what I can see, Tex what do you think????

Luke said...

I spent some time researching Khazaria today and man it was a trip. I became pretty excited when I saw a ton of independent sources confirming your findings.

As a red haired, fair skinned, blue eyed man, with both Scottish and Ashkenazi heritage (comes from both Neos and Melons) this was very interesting to me:

"This peculiar and obscure race inhabiting that land were described as blue-eyed and of very fair complexion. Commonly they had long reddish hair and were reported as very large of stature and fierce of countenance."

Reminds me of another group you have talked about...

What blows me away the most is that no one has ever heard of this kingdom even though it was huge, powerful, well known, and long lasting. I polled the four other members of my family and none of them had heard of it either, despite being relatively well read. That might as well be a big neon sign flashing PAY ATTENTION HERE.

Thanks again Tex, you are the man.

.... Please write a book? Pretty please?

bicebicebice said...

styrac1 said...

You were right about the dogs of Atlantis

"They're like a dog. They're very social. They love greeting people."

Chris from Sydney said...

Oxytocin, linked to extreme in group loyalty now found to making big strong guys seem less intimidating.

"Whereas participants receiving placebo expressed dislike and avoidance of the strong male relative to the weak male, oxytocin selectively improved social evaluation of the strong male"

Maybe this is linked to the Cro-mag dislike of Thal's ?

bicebicebice said...