Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dictatorship Coup

The President now wages war without the consent of Congress, based on authority nobody has given him.

He has gotten Kenyan totalitarianism mixed up with his adopted nation. In Kenya, El Presidente can do whatever he wants because he is El Presidente. In the United States we have a formal separation of powers and checks on the Executive branch.

If he bombs Syria with an executive order and Congress does not move to impeach him you will know they are all just colonial shabbas goy stooges for Israel. The American people should therefore move to ignore all existing law in the future exactly as the President and Congress have chosen to do because if you do it and nobody stops you it means you are not a criminal, according to the Obama administration.


Chris from Sydney said...

Best lines in the article ?

“This is not an organization that respects international boundaries,” said Flournoy, who left the Obama administration in 2012 and now serves as chief executive of the Center for a New American Security. “You cannot leave them with a safe haven..."

Pure comedy gold Tex, you bring the best entertainment on the web.
I read those lines and thought 'Who is he referring to Obama regime' or ISIS ?'

styrac1 said...

So once the existing impediment has been neutralized or is unable to form any serious resistance due to internal weakening and geopolitical turmoil on their border (what the Ukraine situation was designed to achieve by dealing a fatal blow to Russia, but also the Kremlin's stupidity and appeasement helped) we're back to business, just when the expansion of the Luciferian NWO seemed to reach a stalemate and its chief agent the "US Government" had lost all credibility, with the Ukraine situation it managed again to re-assert its hegemonic status among its puppet-vassal states by re-inventing the "Russian threat" with a combination of false flags, covert ops and propaganda warfare, all flawlessly executed, and with a new "enemy" that appeared in Syria, coincidentally a state our Overlords long wanted to bomb out of existence, while being constantly bombarded with made-for-TV beheadings, and rumors that ISIS is about to enter from the "open" Mexican border to set-off a dirty bomb.

I don't blame our Overlords for staging all this. If people are not able to figure it out, then they are cattle and deserve this, they've laid down their plans for them in the most popular movies and entertainment in the most explicit way possible, not because they entertained the idea that people might suspect something and they love risk, but to laugh even more at their inability to think beyond what they want them to think and to reach conclusions that would contradict their own conclusion about people.