Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CRUD For VOS New And Improved

I am working a little each night at replacing my crude FORM functionality with this ultra kick-ass detail editing all-in-one CRUD table for JQuery. 

Looks really, really good and actually displays correctly in IE 6.0 with first version of JQuery. Now that I have embedded PHP I am actually calling snippets of PHP for AJAX urls.

Between this and my new LCARS themed layout the next screenshots I post of VOS are going to blow minds completely. I promise.


Luke said...


Texas Arcane said...


The most important thing I have to add to this is my generic "filters" descriptions that allows you to flip through filters and parameters for a data table, like a filter to see all food inventory within one month of expiry, due to be rotated in two week, etc.

Luke said...


Yes that sounds very useful. I love how everything you do in VOS is ultra-lightweight and minimalistic. In contrast to most of the code I deal with... arrgh...

I can't wait until you open source it. Would love to help.