Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chief Constable Testifies To High Level Protection of Pedophiles In Britain

Specifically forbidden to arrest or investigate.

MP was allowed to continue his child rape and baby  buggery with overt protection from upper society political machine in Britain until his retirement.

So many sheeple wonder why there is all this paranoia about satanic baby rapist rings. It is a fear that is very well justified and heavily documented as a fact of life in many nations. It is not just baby rapists you are dealing with, it is baby rapists who are immune to prosecution and in fact have direct protection from law enforcement as did Jimmy Savile. How do you fight a man who meets with the police in his home once a month to discuss policing strategy? Do you report him to the police? They have orders to frame you for a crime to shut you up if you do. See what people are afraid of?

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