Friday, September 12, 2014

A Hearty F*ck-You From Neanderthal Mountain To Baby Buggery Island

 About 40,000 years overdue.

Britain couldn't organize a bowel movement, much less the European Union. The Scots have nothing to lose and when a Neanderthal has nothing to lose it is time for things to change.

Scotland didn't join a "union" with Britain. Oliver Cromwell genocided the Scots, bombarded the country with 1 ton boulders fired from a catapult 5 stories tall and stole their lands, their lives and their human dignity. What Cromwell did to Scotland and Ireland made the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts. In the name of God, Cromwell killed more of his own countrymen than the armies of invaders could have dreamed of.

Now it is four centuries later and it is time for the Scots to simply walk away from this island of twisted, decadent, degenerate melonhead inbreds. The Scottish people will try to walk away and we will see what the perverts and loathsome ghouls of the City of London do about it. I would not be surprised if they stage some very ugly false flags to punish the Scottish people for daring to reject their diseased, crumbling world order in their shambles towards "global government."

Guess who won't be joining your whacky club, globalists?

Scotland, hopefully. You know that "domino theory" of Communism you sold to get America into Vietnam? Well, the truth is that it is freedom that falls like dominos, not Communism. Once people see Scotland surge and revive after the boot of the NWO is lifted off their necks, who do you think is going to follow? Maybe, just maybe ... the whole planet?

I don't want to sound too optimistic. Remember, the NWO has their own blue army, as well. The main difference being that most United Nations troops have nothing to fight for except a paycheck and the nations of the world will be fighting for their freedom, their sovereignty and their posterity. I would factor that into your strategy, melonheads. Nobody on your team gives a damn deep down about anything but getting paid and even a little opposition would be enough for them to throw in the towel and go home.


Mantis Mainomai said...


(That was a trilled 'r'.)

In honesty though, while I support Scotland's independence, I still don't quite know why bother separating from Britain while remaining in the EU?

Scotland is also a pretty Left Wing place, though that might actually work out better for both them and England in the long run. For England would then have a conservative majority, and Scotland would go bankrupt without British support. That could be the shock that makes them realise they need to change something, and then be able to do so without get bailed out by Britain and stuck in the cycle of debt.

What would be most ridiculous though , is if Scotland just becomes a (cold and wet) liberal paradise, where they have a globalist, multicultural ideology where they accept EVERYONE EXCEPT THE ENGLISH!

Imagine that? You could have a Scotland with female genital mutilation and honour killings, but which rejects Shakespeare and tea and scones as "imperialist English scum".

styrac1 said...

While I'm all for Scottish Independence and wish them all the best and I regard everything that undermines the unity and existence of the totalitarian shi*thole known as the United Kingdom as a welcome development, we should be aware that this is perhaps not what it's hyped to be and it is actually a development that favors the globalist plans, since it seems the leaders of the independence movement don't want an independent Scotland, but a Scotland that supersedes national authorities only in exchange for supranational ones like by the monster in Brussels.

HerewardMW said...

I'd love you to be right but I don't think it's going to happen.

You really have to be here to understand how relentless the scare mongering propaganda to keep Sotland in the Union is. The BBC, the newspapers, other television and radio are all 100% behind the NO vote. It's actually a bit shocking, even to me, and I've noticed their general left wing bias for years.

As for leaving the EU, UKIP can expect more of the same (probably much more of the same) in the event of an EU referendum.

In addition, this is not Scotland's first referendum but it will be their last. After this you can expect them to get a fairly strong dose of immigration guided their way. They have some already but not as much as England. Eventually a big chunk of their population won't even think of themselves as Scottish. They'll just be residents of Area 12 of the EU.