Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Furry Yellow & Black Canary In The Coal Mine

Whatever is doing the bees in is merely working its way up the food chain.

Good thing all the elites pitched in billions to build the seed vault in Norway. It is almost as if they were expecting the natural food supply to be destroyed. What a stroke of luck when it turns out the only unabridged food left is completely under their control. It is almost as if somebody was planning to reduce world population very quickly with famine. Starving people to death has always been a perennial favorite with communists going back a century. They feel better about it when it occurs quietly out of sight the way you would lock up an old horse in a barn and then go on a long extended vacation. When you get back, your problems with that horse are solved.


cbenediccengi said...

there is also this..

You could check out the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who studies the effects of EMF on humans as well.

Makes sense, humans have a history of being in an environment with about 0-30 Hz. Once we electrified the earth - especially in the last 30 years - we turned the globe into a giant microwave.

It's a wonder our species isn't more fucked up physiologically than it already is.

Grognard said...

I have to disagree on this one. This fearmongering by mentally feeble about nicotinoids is almost as big a sham as global warming.

The other pesticides have a similar mechanism but they are much more dangerous to humans, that is the only real difference. If you were being affected by nicotinoids the symptoms are obvious and also not harmful unless you got a huge exposure.

Basically they have misused the stuff a bit and that is the effect on bees in a couple cases. Bee collapse nonsense in general is a red herring and is separate from that issue. Turns out there is some bee virus from australia.

This is another case of leftist tards from europe bashing on everything american. I am ten million times more concerned about GMO food and "miniature humans" now being used in drug testing.

Texas Arcane said...


I think it is GMO corn pollen, not nicotinoids. I agree with you - I think the corporations may be pushing this angle to obfuscate the issue.

Kind of like with autism, instead of vaccines pushing food allergies as the cause. It helps keep people confused on the subject.

August said...

In America, there is a bee industry. They put loads of bees on eighteen wheelers and truck them around. I know most of them go out to California when the almond trees flower, and they winter in Florida.
These are the colonies that are collapsing. They spray all kinds of crap on them to keep them alive- anti-biotics, anti-mite stuff, whatever craps some chemist makes up that might keep them alive two weeks longer- so their natural immune system sucks.
This is a recipe for disaster- but not for everybody, nor for every bee. They pretend like it is something that is going to happen everywhere, yet even this crazy industry manages to limp along by breeding more bees.

The greater ecological disaster is going to come when something hits all these monocultures. Imagine a blight tearing through all those almonds trees. Both the almond industry and these bee truckers will be out of business. They should keep the bees on the farm and plant a variety of stuff.