Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Classic Tortoise & Hare Tale Where The Tortoise Ends Up Nuking The Hare Into Oblivion

While Kwanstainia slept, both Russia and China have been surging ahead technologically.

Half of America is so doped up on either prescription drugs or illegal narcotics that most of them barely even know what year it is or where they are half the time. Reminds you of late Roman Empire with bloated opium addicts staggering around in togas too short to cover their rears asking if anybody knew where the next feast was being held.

Face it, WW3 will be a mercy killing of sorts. The Kwanzanians lost the plot a long, long time ago. It is like putting a confused, senile old hog out of its misery. Time to make that bacon and serve it up piping hot with some Cobalt-60 isotopes.

So go all tenth generations. Manboons. Manboons never change.


cbenediccengi said...

couldn't agree with you more. although it's unsavory to hear the word 'purge' bandied about, this Nationalist is 100% correct.....

the same thing needs to happen in the US. The weasels that deserve such nastiness are easily identifiable.

lysander said...

While the kwa kept wasting money on six billion dollar aircraft carriers, the Russians developed the best anti-ship missiles in the world. Link:
Even the US Navy admits that there's no defense against a Russian Mach 4.5 ramjet cruise missiles. Link:

So a missile that costs a few million dollars can destroy a ship that costs billions. That's a pretty good trade off, and I remember when people were joking about how the Russian navy wasn't shit.

It doesn't have to be. All it has to do is to have a billion dollars worth of these missiles and they can turn the kwa's entire blue water navy into one time use submarines.

This next war that the kwa wants so bad will be short and not so sweet, with the kwa suing for pease and giving away everything in the process.

KW Jackson said...

Does anyone know if the Novorossiya has similar results with their air-defense missiles in the same way that Lysander mentioned the anti-ship missiles?