Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Will Always Hear It First On Vault-Co

We began to blog about it in 2002 when it was considered paranoid lunacy.

It is a subject on which we are no more or less accurate than all the other subjects we have blogged about.

We are informed first. Then we form ideas based on the information we have taken in. Sounds simple. The other 99.9999999% of mankind operate according to completely different principles and are radically different from the people they pretend to be.

Psychotics like to play horrible games of chess with other psychotics using human beings as the pieces on the board. Now at long last after thousands of years of disappointment at human foibles they can finally play with the perfect pieces they always dreamed of. They simply command the piece to move and they don't have to feed, barrack or furlough it. This is why this development in warfare is inevitable. It is also inevitable that with this development the capacity for atrocity increases a millionfold. No longer will their chess pieces have consciences or refuse to fire on their own countrymen or complain when ordered to exterminate women and children.

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were extremely visionary in seeing what limits would have to be placed on robots for them to be used sanely. Unfortunately this isn't a science fiction story we are living in.


theepilgrim said...

And of course, when a government says something should be "outlawed" (especially the wannabe one-world government UN), what they actually mean is that they want an exclusive monopoly on its production and possession.

For once leftists are right about the first amendment needing to be updated: it should now include killer robots. I'm thinking R2-D2 with an optional Minigun attachment would be a nice addition to my home.

Mike @ SATEX said...

Re-posted this in a Reddit comment; it'll of course be downvoted to hell. The Western techno-dweeb orgasms over anything robotic and/or AI, and has no concept of future consequences.

Although; one of their Messiahs, Elon Musk, just stated that, "AI could be more dangerous than nukes", and, "AI research could produce a real-life Terminator".

KW Jackson said...

2019 press release.
The investigation of the massacre at Cour'd'arlene shows the Big Dog mk4 encountered a sub-routine AI error and opened fire on the children of the peaceful separatists. The FBI have determined that the error was force majeure and no culpability exists for the DHS. Big Dog mk4 continue to keep our children safe as they play in schools and other gun free zones by use of their overwhelming firepower.

Gregg said...

anarchy, bitchez!