Monday, August 25, 2014

Today Is Rob Schneider Day At Vault-Co

I regret not seeing THE ANIMAL now, Rob. You're the best.

Read. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY PERCENT. Buried. We don't make this stuff up. We just link to these stories, that is all. Oh, Lucee, you gotta lotta 'splainin to do.

This is bigger than one buried scientific study. This just wrecked the entire vaccine industry worldwide. Cat's outta the bag. Somebody around here has been doing an awful lot of bold-faced lying for an awful long time.

If I was a black father in America, I'd literally have steam blowing from my ears. My eyeballs would be bubbling in their sockets from the rage generated heat in my brain. I don't know about the Simi Valley verdict or Ferguson or Watts. If a riot broke out over this, it would be the first time I would understand the motivation completely. If I read tomorrow in the paper that overnight a million black men had converged on the CDC and burned it to the ground, I'd think, "Well, you knew that was coming. Can't really say I blame 'em, honestly. F*ck'em. That must be why the birds were singing so loudly this morning and the sky was so blue. The CDC got burned down to the foundation overnight."


lysander said...

Tex, this guy is pretty brave going against the machine. I never would've expected it.
On another note, I found this video called "The Expert" on you tube:

I was wondering if you had ever seen it before, and if it reminds you of your workplace.

cbenediccengi said...

good interview with one of Putin's economic advisors