Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Precursors Of World War III

... are being laid right now.

A prophet has honor, except in his own house.

What a madhouse this planet is in the year 2014. A wall-to-wall lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

Part of me feels thrilled to see the things I read about in the books of Spengler, Gibbons, Toynbee, Will and Ariel Durant coming true in real time about the decline cycle. If only it weren't my civilization I have the front row seats to observe. Things I read about the madness of crowds and the nutty behaviors of the people who inhabit collapsing societies. For example, I always wondered, didn't the crowds gathered to watch a man marry his own horse - or two women to marry a swan - have any inkling this might not be a good thing? Mayhaps the slightest tickle of conscience or objective reasoning? I always wondered about this. Now I know from watching my own society. The last men are too manic and feverish to engage in any rational thought for the most part. That is outside their resumes. They follow the sordid outline of the script they have been given and play their tired roles through to the bitter climax as they always have in the past.

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