Monday, August 25, 2014

The European Union Is A Totalitarian Regime

Russia explains why the European Union is an exercise in self-destruction for Europeans.

The European Union was not a democratically created institution. It was a stealth wolf that crept up on Europe in lamb's wool and achieved an effective coup over national sovereignty through harmless sounding measures they managed to get individual governments to pass outside of referendums. By the time people realised what was happening, they discovered it was too late to get out. Where Hitler failed the marxists succeeded in conquering Europe through gradual advances of power. It is a pyrrhic victory and will last just long enough to ruin Europe. It is against human nature and squarely against basic instincts.

The beasts behind the EU don't know history. People won't fight and sacrifice for anti-life draconian tyrants who seek to elevate gay marriage as the highest good over the traditional family unit and child rearing. Civilizations are founded for the purpose of organising security for women and children more effectively than any individual man could accomplish and once they stop serving that purpose they rapidly fall apart for lack of interest. No amount of rhetoric will ever change that.

The EU is just another Tower of Babel for a group of people who are always trying to build them. It won't last any longer than it took for all the previous Towers of Babel to fall. Some people just never learn. Deep down they have a desire to build these towers and they learn nothing from precedent.


styrac1 said...

Great read:

Some dude said...

Why? Why do you think people insist on not trusting God and seeking to replace him? Is it a son-father thing? Insecurity that He loves us? Anger?

I dont agree with a lot of your conclusions, but I always find them insightful. I think this is an important question, what is the cause of our distance from God? What is it that keeps us from Him?

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Vacuum cleaners outlawed in EU. For now, they'll be limited to 1600W, then 900W in 2017. By the end of 2020, only brooms will be allowed.

Jake said...

I hope to hell the good citizens of EU nations fight to get out. Finland is our most likely destination to get out of the FSofA (Fascist States of America). The Finn Party is rising (the anti-EU party).
Finland is very dependent on trade with Russia. Their new Prime MInister is awful - take a look at this guy.
That's what is bad about parliamentary systems - this guy was inserted by the party, not the people. The President seems OK.

I'd like your opinion on that Finnish PM's type - he just looks like a creepy sociopath to me.

Regardless, the Finns in general seem very Neanderthalish to me, somehow, in general. They are very introverted, thoughtful, honest people, in general.