Friday, August 1, 2014

Supervolcano = Instant Snowball Earth

Two Thirds of America to be uninhabitable?

The remainder of the planet to be plunged into Antarctica without leaving home.


styrac1 said...

Review of "Lucy"

"Although he may have superior intelligence, the psychopath is basically reptilian in terms of emotional development. He is driven by the needs and desires of the body, interested in little other than money, sex, and power. There is no sense of self restraint in their pursuit."

lysander said...

Because of multi-cultural diversification, most cities will soon be uninhabitable for decent people anyways.
And HUD wants to strategically place inner city beasties in the (currently) White 'burbs. You see, it'll be better for everyone that way.

I would welcome a super volcano eruption. At least that will involve less suffering.