Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six Point Oh In Early Bowl of Wrath Test Firing

It's on a fault line for a reason.

One of many to come.

Ask me why it happened if you're an atheist and I can explain it to you exactly.

Ask me if you're a Christian and I can do the same.

God covers both arguments. Unity = Zero Sum Defense by Humans.

The volcano in Iceland about to blow.

End of the Holocene. Start of the Grand Minimum. Solar output goes dormant, iron charged magma starts moving around down here, no longer held in place by strong magnetic field. This is why Solar Minimums are associated with volcanic activity. Ice and Fire.

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Luke said...

I'm staying in Napa right now. Woke up last night to everything shaking and crashing and the power going out. Gas and water pipes were broken. A river of wine was coming from the cellar but everyone was fine.

Quite a few buildings were damaged, but the power came back on earlier tonight and I haven't heard of any deaths.

The amount of damage from this relatively tiny disaster reminds me how unprepared we all are.