Monday, August 18, 2014

Orwellian Propaganda

Bolshevists trying to pit new recruits against natives. Using computer games to train enricher forces to fight against anyone left who supports the Constitution or rule of law. Suggests that any existing inhabitants are evil and deserve to die.

I see this tactic as doomed to fail. You're talking about over 100 million heavily armed people. You're going to lose, Bolshies. You can bank on it. When it is over, you have to ask who is going to protect you.

The best part is when the leftists try to portray the flyover zones as full of dumb hicks who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. You're talking about people who on average have more current and meaningful combat training than most active duty military. Crack shots with 50 cal armor piercers. The left insists these guys are clowns who are no big shakes in combat. I reckon they have it backwards. The average LEOs look real impressive in an armored car when they break down a civilian door and shoot the dog or gun down somebody's grandma but they are just fat toy soldiers playing at games compared to some of the hardcore veterans who will be shooting back on the other side. Trust a leftist who never fired a gun in his life to underestimate the opposition.


styrac1 said...

Russell said...

Our military has two things going for it, SUT and Logistics. All the tech we have are just force multipliers of those two.

There are a lot smarter people out there than I am that have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing this, so you get what you pay for when I say this, but undermine either and the military will have a hard time working as a cohesive whole.

The cops? One lone renegade cop had them quaking in their boots. Just remember that.

4GW is a can of worms that our national forces aren't entirely prepared for, and that's a mixed blessing.