Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morton's Toe and Lefthanded Men Who Don't Go Bald

A good summary of just a few of the physical characteristics of the breed with two races inside it.

The end of the article describing the screwy hybrid who has nothing but oppositional instincts is a good description of a major part of the human population.

It's obvious to me that Cro-Magnons had smaller and more complex amygdalas that could not occur in a hominid produced by natural adaptation designed as they were to work primarily off social cues and consensus. The Neanderthal had a much larger and less complex amygdala, designed to react to the real world and not social cues.

Half the time when the two genes meet in the human brain, the result is a smaller and degenerate amygdala that just doesn't work right in any regard. This is why there are so many left-handed lefties.

Neanderthals simply could not have afforded to be anything but the stoutest conservatives at 300 degrees below zero for a million years. The hybrids aren't working the way Cro-Magnons were designed to and they aren't any good as Neanderthals, either. It is in the blending of the two, a flawed enterprise from the start, that the worst results are produced in so many. Again, that is two breeds of animal that should have never been crossed. It is water and oil and it never does anything but settle and separate given time.

Throughout human history, the superman has always been depicted with the classic Greek foot structure.


Bob Wallace said...

Guess what - Neanderthal foot on the left foot, and left-footed, but right-handed and right-eyed, add ADD as a kid - and my hair is going.

A SImple Man said...

I tried to post earlier so forgive me if this is a double post. I never heard of Greek toe or Morton toe but i have them. My Dad still teases me about it. I pick stuff up with them all the time. My son has them too.

styrac1 said...

Leo Messi's foot (left-footed):

Foot Types: