Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Modern Scientists Are Conformist Cowards

They know exactly what the genetic evidence says happened.

You'll only hear it on Vault-Co.

They manage to discuss the findings without mentioning cannibalism, rape and wholesale genocide despite all the evidence pointing to it. They try to make it sound as if the two races were just courteous neighbours with one of them retreating constantly to higher ground and more distant peninsulas perhaps out of choice. They fail to mention the disparity in numbers because that would paint it all in a whole new light ... the Cro-Magnons bred like rats and outnumbered the Neanderthals a minimum of a 1000-to-1 in most regions. They fail to mention in "conflicts" between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons you were talking about several hundred people ambushing from the walls of ravines and throwing spears from a safe distance of a hundred feet or more at what appears from fossilized tracks to be one lone Neanderthal. The evidence is that wherever a single Cro-Magnon went hand-to-hand with a Neanderthal they got creamed into pasta supremo in seconds. They don't mention that the Cro-Magnon camps are completely devoid of any signs of culture, music, art, funerals, crafts, cooking implements, jewelry or symbol handling or any abstract reasoning of any kind.

It is no accident they leave all of this out. If they were to include it there would be extraordinary conclusions to be drawn from all of this. (Read this link if you want to see some incredible dodging going on)

It is a shame but you will only hear the other 95% of the information here on Vault-Co.


Justin said...

"Failure to adapt to climate change" LOL that is a good one. "Couldn't compete economically with the more agile modern humans" is also rather funny.

bicebicebice said...

twoandtwoisfive said...

Many scientists now reject the notion that Neanderthals were dim-witted brutes and point to evidence of use of symbolic objects,
which may have been learnt from modern humans.
Modern Humans are so nice, aren't they? Always helping out beings lesser than themselves.

Mantis Mainomai said...

Do you believe Cro-Magnons were hybridised Neanderthals?

It's hard to believe that Homo "Sapiens" was able to conquer Europe during the Ice Age, if indeed he was skinny, dark skinned, flighty, a profligate waster of heat and energy, native of the savannah.

Though if they were Neanderthal hybrids, not only would Cro-Magnons great size make more sense, but presumably they would have inherited some traits which would have made their conquest of Europe (and Asia, North America) much easier.

Perhaps those unfit Thals sent on the "long walk", as you say, bred with Sapiens women in the Middle East?

Texas Arcane said...


That's one explanation.

I'm pretty certain that the genes that Cro-Magnons got from Neanderthals, including their immune systems, enabled them to destroy all opposition quite easily.