Saturday, August 2, 2014

Male 'Thals Tormented By Homo Saps Females

There are a lot of important ideas I have been developing here for a long, long time.

It is common in India for higher caste females to sorely abuse and torture untouchable classes and chandalas. It is perfectly normal for higher caste females to feign romantic affections for lower caste males for a variety of reasons and to cruelly use them for very pragmatic reasons to draw the attention of males of their own caste. It works as a caste strategy for making oneself more attractive to higher caste males and the females seem to suffer no remorse and no social stigma for doing it. The higher caste women do not perceive the lower caste males as human beings and thus have no regard for their feelings or any damage they do. They regard it as a kind of slumming and utilise it as a tool to manipulate perceptions of their own worth. Being surrounded by several low caste suitors is vastly preferable to attracting the interest of no males of your own caste. Before you know it, the females have begun to be courted by males of equal caste.

The truth is, there are not many 'Thal females. Their mitochondria was gang-raped right out of the gene pool through successive generations of slavery for the boys, back into whoredom for the girls produced of these unions. I suspect that in the caste system in Europe, the female Neanderthal concubine who was the daughter of a concubine enjoyed far greater liberty and some status compared with their brothers, who were probably kept chained to posts when they were in the village and forced to forge weapons or used as chattel labor or shock troops against enemies at night. The Neanderthal female captives enjoyed some social status … how do we know? They are the subject of a a thousand Stone-Age figurines that seemed to regard them with some semi-religious veneration.

Venus_of_Brassempouy - Daughter of the Tuatha De Danann
Always with no mouth. A sex toy - likely forbidden to speak.
I would bet after a lifetime of observation that there was a great pastime for Cro-Magnon females who were simultaneously attracted by the good looks of the Neanderthal slave caste and threatened with death for so much as touching one to cope with these feelings by treating them very, very cruelly. They kill two birds with one stone here - they get to flirt with the males they secretly find attractive whilst pretending to merely assist in teaching them their place. Your father will not whip you for speaking with the 'Thal slaves if you end every one of your transactions with them with an expression of contempt or an ugly twisted insult.

I reckon this got to be a habit in European stock after 38,000 years of caste slavery. A very strongly ingrained habit. A habit wound so deeply into the fabric of the Homo Sapiens female she is not aware of it anymore than her autonomic functions like breathing and sleeping.

The "deserving" scorn is so deeply encoded into females they will come to one another's defence in these matters. After all, he was merely one of the 'Thal slaves. Not a real human being. They deserve whatever they get. It is not as if one had tortured an actual person. He was simply one of those creatures, I don't know what all this fuss is about.

I did some research on the boy in the article, as always, misdiagnosed as "autistic" because he is highly intelligent, earnest, naive in these matters and very trusting. No real autism present here for the most part. That's why he is called "high functioning" in the article, meaning he is much more intelligent than his ruling class, which defines this quality as "damaged" or "pathological." Remember, a 'Thal slave is never better than us. It is not permitted. There are differences which are proof of their inferiority and natural condition as our servants. These things are not to be regarded as making them better than we are in any sense. Their enormous intelligence and great physical strength and agility are all merely tools they need to serve us.

I went to an interview for some more contract work last week. I am already packed to the gills with work, I can't take on any more. I spend the whole week running around the city from one contract to another. I told these guys what my day rate was and they balked. I could read both of their minds like they were transmitting radio waves. The nerve of this goddamned Neanderthal to think he is worth that kind of money. They had a business analyst there and I discovered his rate was similar to my own. Yes but he's an actual person you stinking dirty 'Thal, not one of you nerd/thinker/problem solver types. They could barely contain themselves with rage and I wanted to burst out laughing so hard at these Saps. I could read their faces so well. I ended up having to tell them I didn't think I was going to be able to work on their project if they were not willing to pay my rates. They seemed incredulous that I would not work for whatever they felt like paying for the role. Which wasn't much of anything.

This is Isaac's prophecy being fulfilled.


Genesis 27 (My exegesis on the authentic Hebrew translation in blue)

38 Esau said to his father, “Do you have only one blessing, my father? Bless me too, my father!” Then Esau wept aloud.
39 His father Isaac answered him,
“Your dwelling will be
    away from the earth’s richness,  
    away from the dew of heaven above.
(your livelihood will be hard to earn and you will work where others will have it easy, you will roam around with no place wanting you for long and you will enjoy no surplus from your labors)
40 You will live by the sword
    and you will serve your brother.
(You will acknowledge your brother but he will not acknowledge you, your only worth to him will be your deeds and what you can do for him, you will survive by your wits and ability or not at all)
But when you grow restless,
    you will throw his yoke
    from off your neck.
(At some point after a long time of suffering you will realize your condition and given the fact you are ultimately the better man and always will be, you will break your brother's yoke of slavery off your neck forever and will stand before him as his equal, not his slave)


L said...

Aspergers Syndrome doesn't exist any more. DSM V says so. Now everyone on the spectrum has autism. No more special treatment for Aspies, and if you're that high functioning, there's probably nothing wrong with you.

An so we're made officially invisible. Again.


deadman said...

Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male would label it - 'hypergamy'.

Others will refer to it as solipsism.

Either way, a modern (homosapien) women's highly duplicitous, self serving nature & inability to handle fault & consequence due to fragile egos is all part of it.

Thank God I've swallowed the Red Pill & can see their behaviour for what it is :

- deadman

Ave said...

This is almost a textbook example from the book "Queen Bees and Wanabees" ( ), which is quite useful in understanding these situations.

Some dude said...

The first part of this post is a very heartbreaking.

And it made me thing of a question: let's say a cromag/melonhead type sees a thal type struglling. What could someone like me do to help the thal-type integrate or at least thrive?

Some dude said...

See, this is the part that bothers me the most:

In early April, the president of Chopticon’s student government association held a long-planned anti-bullying assembly for freshmen. He made no mention about what had happened to Michael. Instead, he urged students to “be a role model” when they interact with classmates, and to vow not to use social media to harass people. After the assembly, he set up laptops outside the cafeteria and asked students to click their support on an online pledge not to bully others.

Inside the cafeteria, Michael sat alone between two packs of chattering students. No one talked to him.

We just pass along our responsibility to one another. we just pass it along, and things dont' change. Michael may be in your terms a superior person in many ways, but in some ways he has weaknesses, and it is the job of the strong to help the weak. The more social of his peers should have made it their business to chat him up, to include him, to see to it he is surrounded by caring serious students who will look out for him and make sure he doesn't get taken advantage of.

It's just that there is this hate filled void that seems to suck out all the love, courage and heart in the world leaving nothing but empty shells mimicking what is right.

Luke said...


Agreed. I was victim to some of this behavior as a kid until I swallowed the red pill.

Luke said...

Thanks for the post Tex, I really enjoyed it. I love how you find the connections between the hidden truths of our world.

I don't quite understand why thousands of years of whoredom and slavery for the Neanderthals would eliminate the female mitochondria. If the males were not allowed to reproduce, while the females were forced to produce Sapien hybrids, wouldn't that lead to a wider presence of female genetics instead of male? I have an extremely crude understanding of this whole process.

Christian red pill:

Tex influenced Christian red pill:

JeffreyJerpp said...

Two thoughts:

1) Similar to how Jack Abramoff was able to leverage his 'thal qualities as one of the best grifters of all time, what do you think of the idea that some 'thals are very, very good at picking up saps women? Having been mistreated to a breaking point they might start viewing them as inhuman as not think it wrong to manipulate them. As you have noted before rejection by females could be devastating to a 'thal, could lead them to remedy the trauma with multiple affairs.

2) Would not shock me if cro-mag women were not feigning interest in 'thal males. Torture them by day, lay with them at night.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood 'Thal said...

Esau and Jacob are not two different people. Bible is never literal. The story is about the facets of human spirit.

Texas Arcane said...


Given that all the greatest con men start out as the most gullible, I would not doubt that 'Thals would be amongst some of the worst womanisers once they internalized these ruses.

The question is : Would that really be a solution to the basic problem which is not enough proper mates for some males? I don't know if more of the wrong choices in life are what is needed.

podrag said...

A lot of women have the Twilight werewolf fantasy which I think links back to being able to get their rocks of with a Thal coming in the night without social reprisal. I'm sure being a shock trooper or scout would have come with side benefits back in the day. Also I think cromag women want at least one thal boy in the litter... Girls definitely get their pants wet for Thals, especially in night time game environments, it's just there are also strong social drawbacks... They want to screw you and then use you and then dump you so you just need to make sure that you beat them to the punch and not to lead with the chin... Much like thals work best as contractits in the employment market, same with the sexual one. My two cents anyway.

podrag said...

Very astute point overall Tex this is something I have been keeping an eye on vis a vis the corporate HR (sap coven) vs Engineer (male thal enclosure) dynamic in engineering companies. Sap females act as overseers and sentinels of the Thal males. The thals are simply incapable of challenging them and if one does the rest round on him. It's a very stable system of enslavement that polices itself and I'm sure has been uses for a long time... A bit of sexual abuse on the sly would probably one of the perks of the job.

bicebicebice said... ,reminded me of that post with the night watch and sleep patterns.

Lugh said...

But the good news: we will throw off our chains at the end of the age. Surely that's almost here - perhaps even within our lifetime.

Amy said...

I am no judge of female beauty, but that girl is not attractive - something about her eyes, they are too close together, and they look a bit dead. She's dead inside, the product of a nurtured nature of contempt for others. I wonder if her father is a strong man, but I think from her behavior I can perhaps conclude that no, he is not, or not present much in her rearing.

Tex, I hope this isn't a stupid or dangerous question, but it Christianity Esau &co.'s redemption, the throwing off of the yoke? What I mean is, Christ came for all people, but many do not want to follow him. Are thals perhaps more sensitive to the message, and feeling awash in a sea of cruelty and lack of Christian compassion?

Texas Arcane said...


Pretty light yoke Christian faith considering the history of the Neanderthal people.

I think 'Thals know there is a better way because they lived it for a long, long time. When society is telling us all this chaos and conflict is necessity I think that 'Thals are more likely to realize that is not true and that there are other ways to live that do not require a neverending state of war. Living defensively like a survivalist provides you with a martial ethic without the need to kill people every day. Life is a struggle in itself and it doesn't need all that cruelty and killing heaped onto it.

'Thals would be baffled by all the wasted calories here all the time. I reckon cold weather demands different characteristics of people, almost all of them good.

Chunkations said...

the girl looks like a melon head, she has a huge skull!

Chunkations said...

melonhead confirmed