Sunday, August 10, 2014

Langerkopf - Vestige of the Cold War

I visited this place when I was on active duty in Germany back in the early 80's.

How do I know U.S. infrastructure for nuclear war is deliberately being dismantled?

The Russians and Chinese are already three decades ahead of the Kwa even if it woke up tomorrow and introduced a military and civil defense program devoting 10% of their GDP to infrastructure like that depicted in Fallout 3. They could not catch up in time.

The Kwa is ready for somebody to finish it off. Anyone will do. They want it to happen or at least its leadership and most of its citizenry.

I got this link from somebody I was talking to about the imposed regulation of the AM bands right out of existence - they are the exact bands preferred to FM in the post-apocalyptic environment because AM can be bounced off the upper atmosphere and travel very far. FM stations are line-of-sight or close to it. Emergency information from the government will be virtually non-existent following a nuclear war because AM radios are a thing of the past and the government has not offered any kind of substitute. Unless you have a shortwave you will be utterly cut off from the rest of the world and this is 99% of households in the United States.

Elect a Kenyan, get Kenyan style civil defense. Which is to say ... nothing.


deadman said...

The Root Of Communism Is Self-Hatred

Interesting write-up. He either overlooks the occultic forces behind the Kremlin (& behind Washington D.C. for that matter) or doesn't know about such things, yet does well to describe the mania of the proverbial 'Useful Idiots'.

- deadman

John said...

Could you expand a little on the occultic forces? Maybe a link or two.