Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kwanstainia : A Madhouse For Madmen

Self-destructive tendencies as a nation.

Have you ever known somebody who was so crazy it is like they obeyed an imp of the perverse that made them do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time? Eventually, they get the outcome they were seeking and then they cry with astonishment. They didn't want to get hurt or die. They just acted as if they did.

The Kwa is like that now. It is like a drunken lunatic who keeps dancing at the edge of a ravine giddy with the possibility he may fall in. Sooner or later of course, he does just that.

Epidemic looming on the horizon? Fly'em right into the American heartland still feverish when they are the most infectious. Why wouldn't you, though?

Sigmund Freud was mostly useless after he became a celebrity. He had a few remarkably insightful ideas when he was still young and hungry. The guy who wrote THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION and THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE was channeling Nietzsche and doing it better than anyone else in his generation, too. Freud's suggestion there was a death wish was a very astute observance and it dovetailed nicely with Darwinian ideas ... the notion that overcrowding and too much success for a species could lead to many of their members literally offing themselves for the common good in order to avoid a more serious population crash later on.

The Kwa is full of people who want to end it all. They keep trying and they will get their wish. I've seen it before. I knew a guy who loved to play with knives and he eventually cut off one of his own fingers "accidentally." That happens when you act contrary to your own interests long enough. The only thing to debate is whether or not such things are really "accidents." Freud weighs in here too, quite usefully.


Amy said...

Yeah. First I saw this I was like uhh...nothing can go wrong, right? And then, I laughed.

And then, I realized it's all a plot. I'm crazy that way. Our is it clear-sighted? Not sure, anymore.

Lugh said...

I think we can all identify with Charlton Heston's character in the Plant of the Apes when he was screaming, "It's a mad house. It's a mad house."

Simon said...

Mouse Utopia experiment causal factor reinterpreted from population pressure to mutation accumulation:

Moggy said...
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Lazer said...

Its a violation of the prime directive to take advanced medical supplies to Africa.

In all seriousness though, why a public hospital? At least send them to a private containment facility specializing in keeping dangerous pathogens under quarantine.

KW Jackson said...

That made up being would be scarier if it was ebony black with red eyes, obvious scarification, and a broad flat nose.