Saturday, August 30, 2014

Socialism Always Cheapens Human Life

It is the politics of scarcity and shrinking resources and entropy and death.

If you get socialist medicine, sooner or later the doctor gets around to explaining to you that some animals are more equal than others. It would not be a waste of money if you were an important person like a politician or a wealthy executive or a lawyer or a doctor. Seeing as how you are a peasant, you cannot expect the State to spend much to keep you alive. Talk to your doctor about how you would like to be eased out of your misery.

Good News For Polar Bears

Everything that globowarmthinkery has ever said is a lie.

It is bad news for the sheeple who were dumb enough to believe the things they heard on televitz.

All declining civilisations reach their Waterloo. This arbitrary timing with the end of the Holocene is a very, very bad coincidence if you are an atheist, a harbinger of the wrath of God if you are a Christian.

I'm a half century old and I have never heard the truth promoted by the majority or ever found it in the consensus. It is the foremost principle of the scientific method and that is why the bulk of mankind will never understand it. It runs counter to the way they make decisions about the world.

Implants Voluntary First, Mandatory Soon After

Anybody who thinks a secular society is going to reject this tech is living in a dream world.

Once 51% of the sheeple have them by choice, the remaining 49% will get them by force.

Like vaccines, the option is made mandatory by simply requiring it in other contexts. Notice how convenient that militant atheism was cultivated in this generation just in time to fulfill biblical prophecy.

This has been written about before with much greater insight.

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Revelation 13:16-17

“If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.”
Revelation 14:9,10

“No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”
Revelation 13:17,18

Friday, August 29, 2014

VOS Work Progressing … Slowly

Only have time to work on it at night for an hour or so.

I have basically rewritten the entire codebase in the last three months and gotten it to compile with Open Watcom to Windows 32, Win 3.1, Linux, DOS, Free BSD all in super generic ANSI C.

I used a lot of the existing code fragments I have demoed screens from up here except I now have the PHP processor compiled into the source. The page content is now created in PHP some of which is also compiled into the executable.

I have realised after examining my previous effort that my message format should be ASN.1 passed to every device for everything that is SCADA related. This permits tiny, minuscule devices to call the VOS web server and to received control messages from it in real-time. The AJAX calls can return JSON, SOAP XML or raw hex for ASN.1 but this way I can define the messages all in one central format and eliminate lots of redundancy. Since I also found a 3K ASN.1-to-Javascript decoder I can use these messages inside client web page logic where needed.

This is what I have compiled into a 1.2 megabyte executable, standalone, no file structure and no support files required (other than optional .INI configuration) :

(Everything below on the client side is aimed at ancient browsers HTML 1.1)

  1. Full featured web server supporting Websockets protocol and UPNP broadcasting 
  2. PHP processor
  3. SQLite Multithreaded
  4. Mailslot Manager (cross platform IPC for daemons running on server to monitor devices)
  5. ASN.1 Message Factory
  6. ASN.1 Javascript Decoder
  7. Code 39 Barcode printer Javascript
  8. Cuecat Barcode Reader Javascript
  9. JQuery 1.9 (Javascript compatible with IE 5.5 for very old thin clients costing $1.00)
  10. JQuery UI
  11. JQuery Sparklines (Single line of real-time monitoring data fits into table row)
  12. JQuery Real-Time Clock and Scheduler (Common shows on all VOS pages)
  13. JQuery Formbuilder (w/PHP interface!)
  14. JQuery Terminal (Console window)
  15. Raphael Vector Graphics Library (Javascript compatible with IE 5.5 W/VML or SVG)
  16. Raphael SVG Importer Library ((Javascript compatible with IE 5.5)
  17. Raphael SCADA Display Control Library (Full suite of gauges, switches, signals and dials)
  18. Raphael "Maphael" Library supporting intelligent maps and diagrams with backend
  19. Cross Platform Character Terminal UI (Fully decoupled, runs as optional monitor)

These will be the pages that come built-in to the executable the instant it is run :

  1. Inventory management with barcoding and tracking
  2. Calendar management with integration with all other modules including jobs and work orders
  3. Personnel management with security levels and access definitions
  4. Medical management with individual checkup records
  5. Diagrams and Maps display editor 
  6. SCADA displays to monitor and control all shelter devices connected to same network
  7. Custom logic to process commands to devices for custom uses and scheduling in-app
  8. Job management for repairs, maintenance and work orders
  9. Full memex library with terabyte archiving of reference manuals and full-text search and soundex
  10. Instant cloud recognition and communication through UPNP with any other VOS nodes
I solved an interesting problem last night - how do you create a cross-browser, cross-platform audio alert signal that sounds on a VOS page, no matter what page it is, when an important alert, warning or emergency condition arises? I figured out how to do it with a 1K midi file and a cross-browser META tag that works on everything going back to Netscape 4.0 when it was the hottest browser in town.

When I get on top of this my real dream is to have a built-in LCARS themed interface as a default for all screens. This will require some greater familiarity with the limitations and speed of Raphael as an interface library to implement. Chances are VOS will be released before this happens but it is a good upgrade path for V2.0 and I might even make a Kickstarter campaign out of it.

Final Days Of The 'Stain Are Coming

The Kwa and her people will get exactly the wages they have earned.

When the government promises you they will tax the other guy, you are breaking the tenth commandment.

When you envy your neighbor's possessions you mistake it for self-righteousness. When you authorize the government to take property from some and give it to others you think you are Robin Hood but all that happens is that the government ends up run by robbers and hoods. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, Kwanstainian, the bell tolls for thee.

When America ceased to be good, she ceased to be great. She ceased to be prosperous and healthy and vibrant and free.

When you believed that the government can redress wrongs by forcing unequal treatment of some and not others you were contributing to the decay. It is the classic arc of decline, collapse, dissolution and annihilation.

Robert Welch and the John Birch society were right. About everything.

China : America Has Lost Face, The Sick Man Of The World

This is ripe talk for a third world war. It is a classic challenge by the new hegemon to the old toothless tiger that has preceded it.

The Kwanstain likes to tell itself this is 1963, Kennedy is still alive and they have a bright future.

It is the year 2014, Kennedy was assassinated in an inside job and the Kwa has no future at all.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hyperinflation Holodomor

Kwanstainia is set to embark on interesting times.

Very interesting.

You know all those nuts on DOOMSDAY PREPPERS that people love to yuck it up about? Someday soon even the sheeple are going to realize those are the smartest human beings they ever saw in their lives.

The coming hyperinflation is going to make Weimar look like a tough game of Monopoly in comparison. You're not going to need a wheelbarrel of Z-Bux to buy a loaf of bread because the wheelbarrel is going to cost ten truckloads of funny money and that is just as a downpayment with weekly installments of another truckful on Fridays. People will stuff money into their mattresses not as a way of hiding it from the banks but as a way to soften their beds because they can't afford a new mattress.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Will Always Hear It First On Vault-Co

We began to blog about it in 2002 when it was considered paranoid lunacy.

It is a subject on which we are no more or less accurate than all the other subjects we have blogged about.

We are informed first. Then we form ideas based on the information we have taken in. Sounds simple. The other 99.9999999% of mankind operate according to completely different principles and are radically different from the people they pretend to be.

Psychotics like to play horrible games of chess with other psychotics using human beings as the pieces on the board. Now at long last after thousands of years of disappointment at human foibles they can finally play with the perfect pieces they always dreamed of. They simply command the piece to move and they don't have to feed, barrack or furlough it. This is why this development in warfare is inevitable. It is also inevitable that with this development the capacity for atrocity increases a millionfold. No longer will their chess pieces have consciences or refuse to fire on their own countrymen or complain when ordered to exterminate women and children.

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were extremely visionary in seeing what limits would have to be placed on robots for them to be used sanely. Unfortunately this isn't a science fiction story we are living in.

Merck Executive Orchestrated The Coverup

Read here. Breaking on CNN.

It is starting to break wide open now.

They need to put the thumbscrews into the low rung people until they squeal about their bosses.

This is like Jimmy Savile except in North America, it is colossal in scope.

Are There Any Children In Britain Left Unmolested?

Let's see a show of hands of people who would like to see the United Nations change "Britain" on all their international maps to "Baby Buggery Island" instead. That is more appropriate.

This isn't what British men fought and died for in World War Two. If they found out what would happen in the half century after the war, they would have all thrown down their arms and defected to the German side in a single day. Sorry but you know it is true. None of those men was fighting for this. Would have been better if Von Braun had put a nuke on the end of one of the V-2s and turned the entire land mass into a water-filled crater. At least then the British would have perished with their dignity intact. To think that more than ten thousand years of continuous inhabitation of the British Isles has ended this way is to despair.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bardarbunga Is Day After Tomorrow

(Here a group of helicopter pilots so ashamed to be British they switch to German in their death throes as the superstorm puts them in cold storage for glaciation.)

Hyperbaric Supercells That Freeze The British Solid In Their Tracks

Now you know why eruptions are associated with Ice Ages. They are trigger events for a planet that is already cold from a dormant Sun. All it takes is a nudge for the climate to toggle over into a Grand Minimum.

Britain has spent years preparing itself for global warming as warned a decade ago on Vault-Co and is totally unprepared for this. With most of their fuel transport on trucks instead of rails (as in the past) a million pensioners will die in their flats without anyway to heat them. The roads will be impassable and so many elderly people who need daily assistance will lack heat, food and water. The last snap most ancient plumbing systems in Britain froze solid and some pensioners were having to melt snow to get drinking water. That of course requires fuel and short of burning down their own houses they will not have any.

The Thames will freeze up blocking emergency relief coming in on boats and even if they could dock there will be no way to go from ship to rail and then to British homes where it will be needed. A real cluster when the time comes, watch and see. We've been telling you this on Vault-Co for over a decade.

Globalists Show Their Hand

... and Barry Soetoro shows his true colors. Red.

None dare call it treason except the Constitution of the United States.

If Barry goes ahead with this and they don't begin impeachment proceedings, you need to stop believing their good cop/bad cop fake dichotomy. It will be obvious they are all in it together and they should all leave office together, incumbents one and all. It doesn't matter which party they claim to belong to. If they don't impeach you need to vote out any incumbent currently in office. They are all a bunch of traitors, each and every single one of them.

This is a good sign because it is an act of desperation. Conceding they can't get the votes for this anti-rational garbage has driven them to offer Barry some kind of deal if he tries to wedge it in there before he leaves.

Barry is a real citizen of the world. Unfortunately, he is not and never was a citizen of the United States. Now you know why the Founding Fathers put that requirement in there. They were right and everyone else was wrong. This man is a bolshevist Manchurian candidate and he knows this is his last chance to serve his real masters.

They're coming to getcha!

In their post-production minivan, hurling cans of diet sprite!

Luckily, you are more likely to die from merciful police gunfire long before the terrorists get to you.

Snow Still On Streets In August In CA

That's called an Ice Age, fellows. It is the start of glaciation.

Good luck with all that.

My Next Home

I would love to discover this when I went downstairs to clean up the basement.

If I was that guy I would not have told anybody. The excavation all done for you in advance.

This guy doesn't know a stroke of luck when it hits him.

Monday, August 25, 2014

BOOM Matrix Just Blew Up You Don't Even Need To Take The Red Pill

Biggest conspiracy to commit scientific fraud in modern history

Oh, man, the lawsuits. You can smell 'em coming. Open and shut case. Anybody with a child who developed autism is going to sue these people until their eyes and nose and mouth bleed money. The court cases are going to each be ten minutes long and a jury is going to find for the plaintiff in every case because it is that obvious now.

Tuskegee Experiment is nothing compared to this.

I wish to God every single black American with children went out to get a lawyer. Right now. You're going to win and you're going to win big. Screw these people so badly they are left in a pickle barrel and then seize the barrel as an undeclared asset.



This is a crime against mankind and it warrants a Nuremberg for doctors. They need to bring back public hangings in these trials to make an example out of the people involved. What they did destroyed more human beings than any other atrocity or genocide of the past century. The governments that were complicit in these crimes should be abolished in the next general elections and replaced with all new political parties that represent the interests of warm blooded mammals.

Australians, do you have any idea how badly your Yank buddies f*cked you? They f*cked you so hard you have no feeling left in your a**hole. Did you know that when those worst mercury containing vaccines had to be phased out that they dumped all their stocks on Australia despite knowing they were totally unsafe to use on your children over the last twenty years? Aussie, the worst part is you have been f*cked so hard by your Yank friends that you are loopy and you love the Yanks now. You think they are your friends. The way the Yank medical industry did this country you wouldn't do to a dog. They dumped poisonous mercury vaccines on your population because your government was dumb enough to purchase them and enforce their use. You wouldn't do a dog the way the Australians got done. You got ripped off, scammed over two decades and left with a population of autistic children. You were owned. When will you learn that you never trust a Yank, Aussies? You never trust a Yank. Yanks are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. The Yanks are the dirtiest, most corrupted nation on the planet since the late Roman Empire. Anything that a Yank tells you is a good idea you can safely assume is a really bad idea. Never, ever trust these people or anything they say.

Now you can ban aspartame because it is pretty much the exact same story. It's a poison and it is in all your food because the Yanks told you it was safe to eat and you believed them. Like vaccines, it is just another dumb thing the Yanks dumped on you. Is there anything the Yanks can't sell you?

The European Union Is A Totalitarian Regime

Russia explains why the European Union is an exercise in self-destruction for Europeans.

The European Union was not a democratically created institution. It was a stealth wolf that crept up on Europe in lamb's wool and achieved an effective coup over national sovereignty through harmless sounding measures they managed to get individual governments to pass outside of referendums. By the time people realised what was happening, they discovered it was too late to get out. Where Hitler failed the marxists succeeded in conquering Europe through gradual advances of power. It is a pyrrhic victory and will last just long enough to ruin Europe. It is against human nature and squarely against basic instincts.

The beasts behind the EU don't know history. People won't fight and sacrifice for anti-life draconian tyrants who seek to elevate gay marriage as the highest good over the traditional family unit and child rearing. Civilizations are founded for the purpose of organising security for women and children more effectively than any individual man could accomplish and once they stop serving that purpose they rapidly fall apart for lack of interest. No amount of rhetoric will ever change that.

The EU is just another Tower of Babel for a group of people who are always trying to build them. It won't last any longer than it took for all the previous Towers of Babel to fall. Some people just never learn. Deep down they have a desire to build these towers and they learn nothing from precedent.

Today Is Rob Schneider Day At Vault-Co

I regret not seeing THE ANIMAL now, Rob. You're the best.

Read. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY PERCENT. Buried. We don't make this stuff up. We just link to these stories, that is all. Oh, Lucee, you gotta lotta 'splainin to do.

This is bigger than one buried scientific study. This just wrecked the entire vaccine industry worldwide. Cat's outta the bag. Somebody around here has been doing an awful lot of bold-faced lying for an awful long time.

If I was a black father in America, I'd literally have steam blowing from my ears. My eyeballs would be bubbling in their sockets from the rage generated heat in my brain. I don't know about the Simi Valley verdict or Ferguson or Watts. If a riot broke out over this, it would be the first time I would understand the motivation completely. If I read tomorrow in the paper that overnight a million black men had converged on the CDC and burned it to the ground, I'd think, "Well, you knew that was coming. Can't really say I blame 'em, honestly. F*ck'em. That must be why the birds were singing so loudly this morning and the sky was so blue. The CDC got burned down to the foundation overnight."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Evil ISIS Post-Production Minivan

Experts hired by The British Government Say This Is Embarrassingly Fake Staged Sh*t With CGI

Two guys with turbans in the middle of the desert sitting in front of a bank of computer screens running 3DMax, Maya and Adobe AfterEffects in the back of an unmarked van …

"You've got the contrast way too high! It is making Foley's hair look like it is blonde and charged with static! Muhammed himself would tell you that you have to put the other shot of the mountains behind him if you want to sell it!"

"Infidel! He has green trim around his belt line, that is why the matte line is showing through! Any imperialist dog knows you have to break it down into four separate shots and do the composite after you have jacked up the red in all the shadows!"

"Let's agree to disagree! Somebody turn on the air-conditioning, it is getting stuffy back here! I am going to break for lunch and think about this shot, do we have any diet TAB left in the minibar fridge?"



Only The Police Can Be Trusted With Guns

… to use them in forcible abduction, bondage and rape of females who have been disarmed.

I'd love to see the Aussie male dropped into Texas at random and urged to speak to women the way they do in their own country. I'd love it. I give 'em five minutes to live. Problem solved. Gene pool improved.

More arms, less crime. The times change, people don't. It is a hard and fast rule observed over the past thousand years.

Primitive, Flash-In-The-Pan, Doppleganger Chronic Failure Homo Sapiens

The little grasshopper who couldn't.

Here's a handy hint, Homo Sapiens :

If you're a warm weather animal with a brain the size of a chickpea, don't migrate to northern climates and genocide the natives. It could end very badly for you. This was true 40,000 years ago and it is true today. If you are migrating north and you're not endemic to this region you might want to get back on that boat and go the hell back to where you came from. It's serious business up here and confused 'boons should not be swayed by a small break in the normal weather cycle. Neanderthals make it look easy and it is - for us. For you manboons, could be a bit of an M. Night Shymalayan style mindbending twist coming your way shortly.

You know all those sacrifices you engage in hoping you can change the weather, like promising not to burn coal or taxing each other for "carbon" sins? IT ISN'T WORKING. Maybe it is time you packed up and went back home, wherever that is for you. Since the planet is normally cold as a rule, it is possible that Planet Earth itself may just not be right for you.

Six Point Oh In Early Bowl of Wrath Test Firing

It's on a fault line for a reason.

One of many to come.

Ask me why it happened if you're an atheist and I can explain it to you exactly.

Ask me if you're a Christian and I can do the same.

God covers both arguments. Unity = Zero Sum Defense by Humans.

The volcano in Iceland about to blow.

End of the Holocene. Start of the Grand Minimum. Solar output goes dormant, iron charged magma starts moving around down here, no longer held in place by strong magnetic field. This is why Solar Minimums are associated with volcanic activity. Ice and Fire.

Crisis Actor/Terrorist/Actor/Mass Shooter/Model/Infomercial Spokesperson/Life Coach/Powershake Evangelist/Multilevel Marketer

I don't know what is real anymore.

I don't understand the whole crossover industry with crisis actors appearing in dual roles as terrorists and then victims and sometimes as perps again. It is all blending for me into one insane mess.

The victims are actors and the actors are terrorists and what the terrorists would really like to do is direct.


CDC Whistleblower Blows The Lid Off Sheeple-Killing Vaccination Program

I heard that this guy's identity has already been exposed and he is now trying to defect Snowden style to a country that won't kill him for telling the truth about something. When somebody goes after MMR they are knocking a trillion dollar medical industry that is bread-n-butter income for a lot of corporations.

I would expect because of the money involved in vaccines that this guy would be a higher priority target than Edward Snowden, who to date has never revealed anything you could not read about on Vault-Co over a decade ago.

If you are a black man and you understand what you are hearing in the story above, you are rioting and looting over all the wrong things. If I were a black American I think the top of my head would boil off after hearing this story. It is like the Tuskegee experiment on about 40 million black children. Saying it is horrific doesn't even begin to describe how monstrous it is.

Do you also notice how when all other human institutions have failed, again and again the fear of God compels honesty even in the worst elements of civilisation? Why do you think psychopaths and sociopaths hate religion so much? Does it matter if God exists or not when the possibility he does may be the only thing that can make human beings do the right thing? Think about it. Furthermore, if God did not represent judgement and was a metrosexual gay "god" like Oprah says who had no standards and no righteousness and asked nothing of us, would he be able to instill any fear which scripture says is the beginning of all wisdom? The key to all of it is that first and foremost, God is righteous and just in his judgements. That's where wisdom begins.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

… But That Doesn't Mean Anything

It's just an atomistic factoid in isolation from everything else.

Remember, these guys don't control the entire planet and they are not involved in politics and they don't fund campaigns and craft military policy and strategy and schedule wars and direct science and manufacturing and industry and the march to global government and a hundred million useful idiots and most of the things your kids read in school and half the stuff you see on television and the food you eat and the air you breathe and have direct phone lines to your leadership and control import and export regulation and half the banks in China and almost all the banks and printing presses for money all over the planet and nearly all the lending and even barter and most gold production and the clothing you are wearing on your back right now as you read this paragraph.

They just don't. End of story.

It's just a nice family in Europe that sits at the top of freemasonry worldwide and has nearly every one of their homes surrounded by anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic weaponry that would normally be illegal for everybody else in Europe outside of national militaries and oh of course people whisper about their submarine fleet and some say a huge stock of cobalt-salted nuclear weapons they can loan out when they are ready to stage false flags with or if needed destroy half the countries on earth overnight at a whim.

If you think different then you are a paranoid schizophrenic and if you are in any kind of position to get these claims into the mainstream media then mysteriously your paranoid schizo ass will have a weird accident in the bathtub or decide to suffocate yourself to death in your sleep with your own pillow or else you will commit suicide by leaping from a thirty foot barbwire fence on top of a twenty story building because your craziness made you die.

Oh and I almost forgot, the entire Rothschild family looks to be pulling an average of 2000 cc brain mass and is full of people of above average height with red hair commonly found amongst them and some have said the occasional sixth finger or second row of teeth which have to be removed at a young age by a qualified physician in secret. So they are not in any way related to the ancient race of melonhead giants said to have formerly ruled the world in nearly every single mythology or oral record we know of including the Bible, Koran, Torah, Veddas, Asia Bone Scrolls and all the written and oral records, hieroglyphics and inscriptions going back 100,000 years on all continents as the rulers who worshipped serpents and kept all of the human race in bondage as their slaves to build monolithic structures.

I just wanted to straighten all that out so you don't think we endorse any of those crazy ideas here on Vault-Co. Also David (Kickass-Jesus V2.0 Globowarmthinkery Christ) wears that huge rastafarian cap on his head to conceal his dreadlocks, not his colossal 2200 cc skull/brain.

Never believe anything you read on Vault-Co, it goes without saying I'm some kind of petty ranteur miscreant global village idiot who nobody in their right mind would take seriously on any subject. So disregard this entire post.

P.S. If you want have some very disturbing nightmares watch this, a party at an estate. 

P.P.S. One of the greatest things I have ever seen is when that blueblood walked off the set in 2008. He signalled to his press agent he was not comfortable. A genius level IQ with more self control would not have done that. A world buster James Bond super villain would not have done it. They would have come back with a brilliant counterargument that would have charmed or flattened the interviewer and waited for the commercial to leave. It shows you there are chinks in these people's armor and plenty of them. It shows you there may be hope in all this and that these people are not quite the Satanic supermen they like everybody else to believe they are. In fact, they may be no brighter than I am … and obviously, I am something of an idiot.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Only The Police Can Be Trusted With Guns

Manboons. Manboons are not a learning animal.

If there is anybody you would want to avoid granting exclusive rights to firearms, it would be the kinds of psychopaths and authoritarian freak shows attracted to policing as a profession. It is like turning the keys to the henhouse over to the fox for safekeeping.

An A To Z Of Atlantis

This is a fascinating book absolutely full of anecdotal and scientific evidence for the existence of a worldwide seafaring culture that dominated the planet for untold millennia.

I don't get any money for promoting these books. I just like to pass them along when I find one really interesting. Like The Lost World Of Agharti this is a really enjoyable page turner. It is an often repeated fallacy that Atlantis has little to support it outside of a mention by Plato. Atlantis in fact is one of the oldest and richest oral traditions in human history. There is scarcely a culture on earth that does not have some mythology concerning it.

There are many serious historians who believe all the Greek gods were based on high ranking royal families in Atlantis. They had morphed from rulers into deities once Atlantis was destroyed and the Greeks were merely parroting a tradition that was very old they did not invent but merely inherited.

For example, did you know the legend of the Minotaur in the labyrinth on Crete is part of a much richer and older cycle of myths that claims that King Minos himself was a refugee from the sinking of Atlantis and that he had brought his genetic hybrid bull-men from that island that had formerly employed them as heavy load bearing slaves? There are indications in several different Greek sources that indicate that the Minotaur was created through arcane Atlantean science and was saved by Minos when he fled the destruction of their kingdom. A lot of these stories we are just getting the tail end of a much bigger story that only survived in fragments because it could not be incorporated into the simple mythological tale that was woven around it.

Wait, there's so much more. How about this - do you know where the Aztecs got their name from? They believed they were originally founded by the Aztlandians fleeing the destruction of their empire which they called Aztlan in the middle of the oceans. In fact, the difference between "Atlan" and "Aztlan" could be considered purely an arbitrary convention used in translation and pronunciation into english.

The Guanches in the South Seas, a race of tall white people with melonhead craniums and red hair, are often suspected of being the real architects of Easter Island. Did you know the Spanish people were taking these women as wives as recently as the 1600's for their extraordinary beauty? The Guanches said they were descended from a race of sea kings who had fled the sinking of the island Astlan many thousands of years prior. Statues of the Guanches outside the Spanish consulate stand to this day in the Canary Islands, there are pictures of them inside this book. Like I said, this book is awesome.

Bolshie Regime #2

Bolshevists hate religion because it represents something higher than their "god," The State.

They're right about religion. As far as the world is concerned Christians believe in absurd things. It is difficult to think of anything more ridiculous until you consider that Leftists and Humanists worship The State, which is a collection of genetically inferior people who cannot get real day jobs. They are by and large the runts of the litter drawn to government power as the last resort of the botched and the bungled. If Christianity seems sort of childlike and simpleminded it cannot compare to the idiocy of believing in centralized government, which is the craziest religion of them all.

Most criminal organizations would think twice before giving any responsibility to the average politician. If it were not for government, such people would not be worth anything to anyone anywhere. Without government, these people would be nearly unemployable even in the most menial jobs. A lot of them flow into these positions because good men didn't show up. Nature abhors a vacuum and much like an oily sludge the average politician simply drips into the job in the absence of any opposition from a real person. Decent people don't get involved until these kinds have stuffed it up so badly that they have no choice. A man has his life to live but a politician did not have any better place to be. They were not going to found Microsoft or compose Beethoven's Fifth or split the atom. They drift towards power the way a moth is drawn to a lightbulb. It seems to be validation they could otherwise never obtain.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Modern Scientists Are Conformist Cowards

They know exactly what the genetic evidence says happened.

You'll only hear it on Vault-Co.

They manage to discuss the findings without mentioning cannibalism, rape and wholesale genocide despite all the evidence pointing to it. They try to make it sound as if the two races were just courteous neighbours with one of them retreating constantly to higher ground and more distant peninsulas perhaps out of choice. They fail to mention the disparity in numbers because that would paint it all in a whole new light ... the Cro-Magnons bred like rats and outnumbered the Neanderthals a minimum of a 1000-to-1 in most regions. They fail to mention in "conflicts" between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons you were talking about several hundred people ambushing from the walls of ravines and throwing spears from a safe distance of a hundred feet or more at what appears from fossilized tracks to be one lone Neanderthal. The evidence is that wherever a single Cro-Magnon went hand-to-hand with a Neanderthal they got creamed into pasta supremo in seconds. They don't mention that the Cro-Magnon camps are completely devoid of any signs of culture, music, art, funerals, crafts, cooking implements, jewelry or symbol handling or any abstract reasoning of any kind.

It is no accident they leave all of this out. If they were to include it there would be extraordinary conclusions to be drawn from all of this. (Read this link if you want to see some incredible dodging going on)

It is a shame but you will only hear the other 95% of the information here on Vault-Co.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gulag North America

Kenyan Dictator Forbids Veterans To Watch Any But State-Approved Television

With an average IQ of 97 in North America, who knows what the President can and can't do? There is almost nobody left who can read.

Clinton was America's first black President. Obama is the first Bolshevist to hold the office in the United States. The difference being that the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union waited to overthrow the existing system of government before they introduced their draconian tyranny.No such coup needed in the 2nd Wave, since the current inhabitants of the Kwa are too dumb to know what "coup" means.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Iceland Volcano Is Front Page News

The mainstream media therefore completely ignores it

This is a supervolcano. It has been implicated in a previous global extinction. It is giving every sign it may blow and soon. Given the existing drop in temperatures this year, all it would take is a little tip of the see-saw to shift the climate overnight into a really severe worldwide Ice Age.

Robert Felix has always been ahead of everybody else on this subject when he has spoken about the potential for famine. It is a deadly serious threat and fake terrorism pales beside it in contrast.

It is called Bárðarbunga. Remember that name, you may need to tell your grandchildren about it someday if you survive. Someday your descendants may have an oral mythology about a giant in the far north who reached up and blotted the Sun out of the sky, plunging the Earth into darkness.

Orwellian Propaganda

Bolshevists trying to pit new recruits against natives. Using computer games to train enricher forces to fight against anyone left who supports the Constitution or rule of law. Suggests that any existing inhabitants are evil and deserve to die.

I see this tactic as doomed to fail. You're talking about over 100 million heavily armed people. You're going to lose, Bolshies. You can bank on it. When it is over, you have to ask who is going to protect you.

The best part is when the leftists try to portray the flyover zones as full of dumb hicks who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. You're talking about people who on average have more current and meaningful combat training than most active duty military. Crack shots with 50 cal armor piercers. The left insists these guys are clowns who are no big shakes in combat. I reckon they have it backwards. The average LEOs look real impressive in an armored car when they break down a civilian door and shoot the dog or gun down somebody's grandma but they are just fat toy soldiers playing at games compared to some of the hardcore veterans who will be shooting back on the other side. Trust a leftist who never fired a gun in his life to underestimate the opposition.

U.S. Army Training For War In The Interior

Keep sleeping, sheeple. There's no point in waking up now.

You should just trust the "super-sophisticated" because they know what is best for you. Apparently, a sniper shooting you in the head for psychological effects.

I don't make this stuff up. I just link to it.

Read this and ask yourself who posted the mystery snipers during the instigated riots in Crimea who were shooting people on both sides randomly.

"Peak Grasshopper" Nadir Is Now At An End

Sun shuts down for maintenance, goes back to normal and cools off

Hey, you morons always blithering on about power conservation, the Sun is leading the way!

It's so simple, even the "super-sophisticated" should be able to figure it out.

It is the end of the Holocene. Start of the Grand Minimum. Tee-shirt weather for Enkidu's kids.

Manboons make Neanderthal laugh. Welcome to earth, whatever the hell you are. That's the problem with illegal immigration, you may end up culturally incompatible with the region you sneak into. This planet is normally much colder. Neanderthals like it that way. If you're not cold adapted you may want to go the hell back to wherever you came from because you probably won't last long on our turf.

Grasshoppers hold court for the past 100 years because of the sheer cacaphony of  gibberish they generate. We ants like it colder because it is quieter.

People who are loath to concede the Sun "may play a role" in temperatures do not warrant a mention in any regard. They are not to be taken seriously as human beings and any input they have on the subject should be flatly ignored.

Kafka Was A Hack

Franz Kafka would have to be one of the most overrated writers of the past two centuries

Another glorified mediocrity promoted over writers so much better than he was that he scarcely rated in comparison.

Some of his stories had interesting premises but ultimately they go nowhere. They do not even conjure up strong sympathies for the protagonist or even a desire to find out what the conclusion holds for them.

Hemingway and Dostoyevsky often wrote along similarly morbid lines and invariably they have a point in doing so which resonates with insight. Kafka was just pointless and depressing drivel. His short stories were like minor episodes of the "The Twilight Zone" with five minutes missing from the end.

I remember reading to the end of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and thinking it was an ordeal. Published originally in serial form, you'd expect the author would have a hard time keep the plot on track for a proper climax. When I got to the last scene I decided every single page had been worth it. You could see the rich tapestry of Dostoyevsky's ideas had held the book together from the first sentence to the final word. There was a writer for you.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is The Pacific Ocean Dead?

Are we sure this is Fukushima? Or something else?
The marine environment is changing catastrophically.
Primitive Sapiens Thinks Consumers Did This.

"Then the second angel poured out his bowl upon the sea and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died. " Revelation 16:3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rally For World War III

They're pushing it big-time.

Morton's Toe and Lefthanded Men Who Don't Go Bald

A good summary of just a few of the physical characteristics of the breed with two races inside it.

The end of the article describing the screwy hybrid who has nothing but oppositional instincts is a good description of a major part of the human population.

It's obvious to me that Cro-Magnons had smaller and more complex amygdalas that could not occur in a hominid produced by natural adaptation designed as they were to work primarily off social cues and consensus. The Neanderthal had a much larger and less complex amygdala, designed to react to the real world and not social cues.

Half the time when the two genes meet in the human brain, the result is a smaller and degenerate amygdala that just doesn't work right in any regard. This is why there are so many left-handed lefties.

Neanderthals simply could not have afforded to be anything but the stoutest conservatives at 300 degrees below zero for a million years. The hybrids aren't working the way Cro-Magnons were designed to and they aren't any good as Neanderthals, either. It is in the blending of the two, a flawed enterprise from the start, that the worst results are produced in so many. Again, that is two breeds of animal that should have never been crossed. It is water and oil and it never does anything but settle and separate given time.

Throughout human history, the superman has always been depicted with the classic Greek foot structure.

CFR Shill Panic Merchants Ebola

This is a red flag.

The article is a smokescreen geared to have a certain effect on the reader. It is meaningless drivel but it has an ulterior motive.

That's a worry when people at the CFR start to push a certain viewpoint. It is likely they are planning to use an "epidemic" to conceal many crimes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Convert TCP-IP socket raw binary into ASN encoded complex binary communications packets

If the VOS webserver answers websocket requests, the ASN sent down the line to the requesting device could be interpreted by a browser client, a dedicated device or a microchip. Same request to open websocket, the device downstream doing the asynchronous communication can be anything convenient. The only HTTP it has to compose is the request for the asynchronous websocket. Modern standards that talk to ancient devices. My old VOS written in VB-DOS could actually speak to the webserver over a simple TCP-IP line using this protocol.

P.S. That PH7 engine is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I successfully compiled it into the VOS code last night and executed a web page in PHP. It is the Holy Grail of embedded web servers. I feel it is what I have been waiting for the past 14 years. The total executable with SQLite, SOAP, AJAX and compiled-in Jquery, JQuery-UI, Raphael-SCADA,SVGImporter and Raphael script pages is 1.2 megabytes. Still fits on a floppy!

Mega Disaster Special : New Ice Age

Good on the coming Maunder Minimum.

They attempt to describe the many, many side effects.
War, famine, plague. Events like the Younger Dryas are essentially extinction events. They did mention the faster breeding cycles of animals like rats that were vectors for plague.
It's got a happy ending - Los Angeles is buried by mudslides.

Monday, August 11, 2014

PH7 - PHP Embedded In ~600K

Somebody sent me a link to this last night and I was able to successfully compile it with Open Watcom.

Just. Wow. Was only able to run a few CGI tests with it and was blown away.

PHP 5.3 is normally 7 megabytes (minimum, normal is 15 MB) and not easy to embed and compile cross-platform at all. This is one of the reasons I ruled it out for VOS because it was just too big to fit on a floppy in one executable. PHP would be the right choice for a cgi scripting language in every regard except it's memory footprint is ridiculous under usual conditions.

I was trying to rewrite the inventory functionality in Lua Server Pages about a week ago and I was thinking that LSP is very small but hardly a rapid development scripting language for a real-time web server. At the rate I am going it would take me a couple of weeks to port existing pages in VOS and I have been too busy to work much on it at all.

PHP has an awful lot of boilerplate code floating around to do a lot of different things. Compared to Lua Server Pages it is ubiquitous. There are modules to do caching as well in the PHP global space. (Good for loading all required stuff like images and templates at run-time and then accessing it from RAM instead of loading again from the disk)

P.S. Was thinking about it and realized you could compile a custom "php-cgi.exe" that would run under DOS Desqview and use QEMM as a RAMDISK to save loading time. Most people would say a DOS port is not important but I want to keep it open as a possible cross-platform target.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Langerkopf - Vestige of the Cold War

I visited this place when I was on active duty in Germany back in the early 80's.

How do I know U.S. infrastructure for nuclear war is deliberately being dismantled?

The Russians and Chinese are already three decades ahead of the Kwa even if it woke up tomorrow and introduced a military and civil defense program devoting 10% of their GDP to infrastructure like that depicted in Fallout 3. They could not catch up in time.

The Kwa is ready for somebody to finish it off. Anyone will do. They want it to happen or at least its leadership and most of its citizenry.

I got this link from somebody I was talking to about the imposed regulation of the AM bands right out of existence - they are the exact bands preferred to FM in the post-apocalyptic environment because AM can be bounced off the upper atmosphere and travel very far. FM stations are line-of-sight or close to it. Emergency information from the government will be virtually non-existent following a nuclear war because AM radios are a thing of the past and the government has not offered any kind of substitute. Unless you have a shortwave you will be utterly cut off from the rest of the world and this is 99% of households in the United States.

Elect a Kenyan, get Kenyan style civil defense. Which is to say ... nothing.

The Precursors Of World War III

... are being laid right now.

A prophet has honor, except in his own house.

What a madhouse this planet is in the year 2014. A wall-to-wall lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

Part of me feels thrilled to see the things I read about in the books of Spengler, Gibbons, Toynbee, Will and Ariel Durant coming true in real time about the decline cycle. If only it weren't my civilization I have the front row seats to observe. Things I read about the madness of crowds and the nutty behaviors of the people who inhabit collapsing societies. For example, I always wondered, didn't the crowds gathered to watch a man marry his own horse - or two women to marry a swan - have any inkling this might not be a good thing? Mayhaps the slightest tickle of conscience or objective reasoning? I always wondered about this. Now I know from watching my own society. The last men are too manic and feverish to engage in any rational thought for the most part. That is outside their resumes. They follow the sordid outline of the script they have been given and play their tired roles through to the bitter climax as they always have in the past.

Controlled Media Is A Paranoid Delusion

How would they control the entire Western media in every single outlet and local region? It is impossible.

If you believe the world you think you're living in is real, it is impossible.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Amygdala Is The Center Of The Brain For A Reason

It may well be the most important part of the brain altogether

... and the leftist can easily be detected in a CT scan of the brain -- IT'S MISSING! NO, IT'S NOT AN OPTION! IT'S MANDATORY!

Ever since they discovered this, leftists have been calling the amygdala the "fear center" since it is associated with detecting hazards and threats in the environment and the right wing always has big, fat, prominent amygdalas. Since "fear" is the most basic part of biological existence, they may be right about that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kwanstainia : A Madhouse For Madmen

Self-destructive tendencies as a nation.

Have you ever known somebody who was so crazy it is like they obeyed an imp of the perverse that made them do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time? Eventually, they get the outcome they were seeking and then they cry with astonishment. They didn't want to get hurt or die. They just acted as if they did.

The Kwa is like that now. It is like a drunken lunatic who keeps dancing at the edge of a ravine giddy with the possibility he may fall in. Sooner or later of course, he does just that.

Epidemic looming on the horizon? Fly'em right into the American heartland still feverish when they are the most infectious. Why wouldn't you, though?

Sigmund Freud was mostly useless after he became a celebrity. He had a few remarkably insightful ideas when he was still young and hungry. The guy who wrote THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION and THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE was channeling Nietzsche and doing it better than anyone else in his generation, too. Freud's suggestion there was a death wish was a very astute observance and it dovetailed nicely with Darwinian ideas ... the notion that overcrowding and too much success for a species could lead to many of their members literally offing themselves for the common good in order to avoid a more serious population crash later on.

The Kwa is full of people who want to end it all. They keep trying and they will get their wish. I've seen it before. I knew a guy who loved to play with knives and he eventually cut off one of his own fingers "accidentally." That happens when you act contrary to your own interests long enough. The only thing to debate is whether or not such things are really "accidents." Freud weighs in here too, quite usefully.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Even The Atheists Are Starting To See It

An Atheist describes the most depraved, degenerate, decadent nation on the entire planet.

When you know that Australians define themselves as most successful wherever they can emulate this damned country you just know they can't be far behind.

Emulating the Kwanstain is liking copying everything a crazy cat lady does because you think she is cool. You dream of pushing a shopping cart around filled with cats and throwing garbage off highway overpasses into oncoming traffic. Australians think if the Kwanstain does it, that must mean we should do it here, too.

Wait, it gets worse. Australians will copy every single thing that Kwanzanians do except adopting their Constitution, Bill of Rights and division of government power. Which is the only thing left worth copying. There the Australians remain rigidly devoted to socialism and parental government control as subjects of the "Queen."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Male 'Thals Tormented By Homo Saps Females

There are a lot of important ideas I have been developing here for a long, long time.

It is common in India for higher caste females to sorely abuse and torture untouchable classes and chandalas. It is perfectly normal for higher caste females to feign romantic affections for lower caste males for a variety of reasons and to cruelly use them for very pragmatic reasons to draw the attention of males of their own caste. It works as a caste strategy for making oneself more attractive to higher caste males and the females seem to suffer no remorse and no social stigma for doing it. The higher caste women do not perceive the lower caste males as human beings and thus have no regard for their feelings or any damage they do. They regard it as a kind of slumming and utilise it as a tool to manipulate perceptions of their own worth. Being surrounded by several low caste suitors is vastly preferable to attracting the interest of no males of your own caste. Before you know it, the females have begun to be courted by males of equal caste.

The truth is, there are not many 'Thal females. Their mitochondria was gang-raped right out of the gene pool through successive generations of slavery for the boys, back into whoredom for the girls produced of these unions. I suspect that in the caste system in Europe, the female Neanderthal concubine who was the daughter of a concubine enjoyed far greater liberty and some status compared with their brothers, who were probably kept chained to posts when they were in the village and forced to forge weapons or used as chattel labor or shock troops against enemies at night. The Neanderthal female captives enjoyed some social status … how do we know? They are the subject of a a thousand Stone-Age figurines that seemed to regard them with some semi-religious veneration.

Venus_of_Brassempouy - Daughter of the Tuatha De Danann
Always with no mouth. A sex toy - likely forbidden to speak.
I would bet after a lifetime of observation that there was a great pastime for Cro-Magnon females who were simultaneously attracted by the good looks of the Neanderthal slave caste and threatened with death for so much as touching one to cope with these feelings by treating them very, very cruelly. They kill two birds with one stone here - they get to flirt with the males they secretly find attractive whilst pretending to merely assist in teaching them their place. Your father will not whip you for speaking with the 'Thal slaves if you end every one of your transactions with them with an expression of contempt or an ugly twisted insult.

I reckon this got to be a habit in European stock after 38,000 years of caste slavery. A very strongly ingrained habit. A habit wound so deeply into the fabric of the Homo Sapiens female she is not aware of it anymore than her autonomic functions like breathing and sleeping.

The "deserving" scorn is so deeply encoded into females they will come to one another's defence in these matters. After all, he was merely one of the 'Thal slaves. Not a real human being. They deserve whatever they get. It is not as if one had tortured an actual person. He was simply one of those creatures, I don't know what all this fuss is about.

I did some research on the boy in the article, as always, misdiagnosed as "autistic" because he is highly intelligent, earnest, naive in these matters and very trusting. No real autism present here for the most part. That's why he is called "high functioning" in the article, meaning he is much more intelligent than his ruling class, which defines this quality as "damaged" or "pathological." Remember, a 'Thal slave is never better than us. It is not permitted. There are differences which are proof of their inferiority and natural condition as our servants. These things are not to be regarded as making them better than we are in any sense. Their enormous intelligence and great physical strength and agility are all merely tools they need to serve us.

I went to an interview for some more contract work last week. I am already packed to the gills with work, I can't take on any more. I spend the whole week running around the city from one contract to another. I told these guys what my day rate was and they balked. I could read both of their minds like they were transmitting radio waves. The nerve of this goddamned Neanderthal to think he is worth that kind of money. They had a business analyst there and I discovered his rate was similar to my own. Yes but he's an actual person you stinking dirty 'Thal, not one of you nerd/thinker/problem solver types. They could barely contain themselves with rage and I wanted to burst out laughing so hard at these Saps. I could read their faces so well. I ended up having to tell them I didn't think I was going to be able to work on their project if they were not willing to pay my rates. They seemed incredulous that I would not work for whatever they felt like paying for the role. Which wasn't much of anything.

This is Isaac's prophecy being fulfilled.


Genesis 27 (My exegesis on the authentic Hebrew translation in blue)

38 Esau said to his father, “Do you have only one blessing, my father? Bless me too, my father!” Then Esau wept aloud.
39 His father Isaac answered him,
“Your dwelling will be
    away from the earth’s richness,  
    away from the dew of heaven above.
(your livelihood will be hard to earn and you will work where others will have it easy, you will roam around with no place wanting you for long and you will enjoy no surplus from your labors)
40 You will live by the sword
    and you will serve your brother.
(You will acknowledge your brother but he will not acknowledge you, your only worth to him will be your deeds and what you can do for him, you will survive by your wits and ability or not at all)
But when you grow restless,
    you will throw his yoke
    from off your neck.
(At some point after a long time of suffering you will realize your condition and given the fact you are ultimately the better man and always will be, you will break your brother's yoke of slavery off your neck forever and will stand before him as his equal, not his slave)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Supervolcano = Instant Snowball Earth

Two Thirds of America to be uninhabitable?

The remainder of the planet to be plunged into Antarctica without leaving home.

1929 Weimar = 2014 Kwanstainia

Inflation is a marvellous way to reduce a civilisation to smoking ashes overnight.

You don't have to carpet bomb it or nuke it to get the same result.

You simply make money worth less than food costs. It is easy.

Amerikwa "Under The Dome" Is Psy-Propaganda To Prepare Kwans For Tyranny

Notice how everybody in "Under The Dome" argues what is the best way to organise people for their own good and how they are constantly hammering in the notion that nobody can be allowed to retain any individual rights in such a situation?