Monday, August 18, 2014

Iceland Volcano Is Front Page News

The mainstream media therefore completely ignores it

This is a supervolcano. It has been implicated in a previous global extinction. It is giving every sign it may blow and soon. Given the existing drop in temperatures this year, all it would take is a little tip of the see-saw to shift the climate overnight into a really severe worldwide Ice Age.

Robert Felix has always been ahead of everybody else on this subject when he has spoken about the potential for famine. It is a deadly serious threat and fake terrorism pales beside it in contrast.

It is called Bárðarbunga. Remember that name, you may need to tell your grandchildren about it someday if you survive. Someday your descendants may have an oral mythology about a giant in the far north who reached up and blotted the Sun out of the sky, plunging the Earth into darkness.

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Amy said...

I saw, in one article about it, that an historian theorizes that Bardabunga's last eruption was a catalyst for the French Revolution. I wonder what will succeed the next cataclysmic geologic event.

Our Babel moment is coming. God will come to set the world of man right again, confusing our tongues so our people cannot come together to try to be greater than Him. And He moves in mysterious ways; I used to think ancient people were silly to see the hand of God in "natural" events but I was a dumb doubter borderline atheist. Now I know the Earth is His and the messengers of Heaven take many forms and speak to us in ways that transcend our pitiful human tongues.