Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hyperinflation Holodomor

Kwanstainia is set to embark on interesting times.

Very interesting.

You know all those nuts on DOOMSDAY PREPPERS that people love to yuck it up about? Someday soon even the sheeple are going to realize those are the smartest human beings they ever saw in their lives.

The coming hyperinflation is going to make Weimar look like a tough game of Monopoly in comparison. You're not going to need a wheelbarrel of Z-Bux to buy a loaf of bread because the wheelbarrel is going to cost ten truckloads of funny money and that is just as a downpayment with weekly installments of another truckful on Fridays. People will stuff money into their mattresses not as a way of hiding it from the banks but as a way to soften their beds because they can't afford a new mattress.

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Gregg said...


please expound here on your theory of the supremacy of 'law and order' i.e. big state, over genuine anarchy, as explained in this talk. as before, i am with anarchy / anti big state. anarchy does NOT mean chaos. it means a lack of a centralized control mechanism (ruler), which over time, always leads to genocide and other horrific crimes that an anarchistic society simply can't muster, all of them together, culminating in wars of agression, the ultimate war crime, at least according to the nuremburg tribunals.

jefferson, slave-holder that he was, did have some morals (go figure). and all signs point to him being an agrarian-anarchist, with not a little bit of help from the iriquois nation in this thinking that formed at least part of the basis of the u.s. constitution (now defunct thanks to the corporate-state, aka fascism, or what i would say to be the polar-opposite of anarchy).

summarizing, small groups of self-governing people acting in their community's own interest simply cannot raise the capital required to terrorize the planet, but they CAN figure out ways to make their local economies actually work... anarchy.

Texas Arcane said...


Right or wrong, things will certainly return to this state of affairs in the near future.

The problem with succeeding at anything anywhere is that sooner or later you attract the attention of a Genghis Khan.

Whereas with big government, sooner or later people elect him.

I am more cynical than you are. I am no longer certain that Homo Sapiens is a creature who cannot maintain much of anything more than a few generations without destroying it all.

Gregg said...

maybe your right, tex. however, i don't think we actually 'elect' these monsters. they are hand picked behind the scenes by the corporatocracy... 'this year you can have genghis khan, or caligula! go ahead and pick. this is a 'democracy'!'

Robin Nichols said...

Deflation first, due to excessive debt, then inflation.