Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gulag North America

Kenyan Dictator Forbids Veterans To Watch Any But State-Approved Television

With an average IQ of 97 in North America, who knows what the President can and can't do? There is almost nobody left who can read.

Clinton was America's first black President. Obama is the first Bolshevist to hold the office in the United States. The difference being that the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union waited to overthrow the existing system of government before they introduced their draconian tyranny.No such coup needed in the 2nd Wave, since the current inhabitants of the Kwa are too dumb to know what "coup" means.


cbenediccengi said...

Amy said...

There is almost nobody left who can read.

You have no idea how true this statement is. I taught HS English for a number of years. The number of kids who are functional as readers, as in they can decode symbols into words and read a successive string of words, is nearly 100%. The number of kids who can decode the words into something meaningful, i.e. instructions or directions, is probably 95%.

The number of kids, and increasingly I'm finding a great number of adults, as well, have near-zero levels of comprehension. Words mean things, but people use words that just "sound" right and ascribe meaning to them based on how it "feels" in the sentence. Context clues are useful but people over-rely on them to provide meaning. We all have smart phones now. Websters has a free dictionary app. People really should start using them.

And forget nuance, implied meaning, hyperbole, simile, one knows what these are or how to detect them in spoken or written words. The corruption and collapse of the English language is but a side effect, and I would say a critical one, of multi-culti nonsense. Obfuscate our means of communication so to more easily destroy us. I am not joking.

Chris James said...

Tex, what do you think of this take on Christianity?:

Is this pro-State propaganda or proper application of Christian principles? To me it stinks. "Turn the other cheek" taken far further than what it was intended to mean.

Texas Arcane said...

@Chris James

Posted this to that site :

… and yet Asians, Turks, Irishmen (originally considered other than white), Indians, Muslims, Afghans, Welsh and a million other “minority” races have entered the United States, made themselves millionaires in a single year and succeeded outrageously without ever appearing to encounter this quasi-supernatural “white privilege” that you are speaking of. Meanwhile, whites remains the largest and poorest group of people in the country throughout all demographics regardless of all this wonderful “privilege” they are taught they have nowadays.

Your “white privilege” is essentially eclectic voodoo with a modern twist designed to bilk money, resources and concessions from a group of people who are bankrupted living in a bankrupted nation with the spectre of intergenerational poverty and third world standards looming before them into the foreseeable future.

Your “white privilege” is anti-Christian, anti-rational and anti-white. You are a bigot of no small proportions and ambitions who seeks to blackball an entire race for being born certain skin color. You are the worst sort of racist imaginable and you teach doctrines of devils and limitless spiritual corruption driven by envy, greed, hatred and resentment. Such people will never see the kingdom of God, rest assured.

Chris James said...


Heh, not exactly what I had in mind, but bravo. What caught my eyes was stuff like this:

"But if needed to exercise retribution, he will use the governing authorities as his extension to administer justice. Those who rebel what God has appointed rebels against God. That rebel is choosing to fight against God. He gambles his life. For the good citizen, there is no need to worry about experiencing God’s wrath via the governing authorities....The governing authorities are established to carry out God’s wrath against the wrongdoer, including death"

Why does this strike me as authoritarian propaganda? Maybe I'm not well versed enough in scripture...

HalibetLector said...

@amy I couldn't agree more. People can read, or else twitter wouldn't be as popular as it is, but anything remotely subtle gets lost in translation. Even in popular novels lately, the language is used like a sledge hammer. And forget about poetry; that's gone the way of pop art. All the intricacies that make the English language fascinating are being lost. Writers can't use them anymore because they lose their audience.

Linus Torvalds once said "On the internet, nobody can hear you being subtle." It's not just on the internet anymore.

You're also right about the multi-culti nonsense. Very few people I meet in the states who don't speak english as their first language have absolutely no interest in learning any more than they absolutely need for basic communication. This includes black people, whose first language is ebonics.

The people who might appreciate the english language are never exposed to it because "no child left behind" means teachers aren't allowed to teach it if it means a large portion of the class might fail. Hell, near where I live, science just became a pass/fail course.

Amy said...

@Halibet, I have always loved words. I'm a bit of a sport in that sense; in my family, you're either into banking/finance or science/medicine. No one knows where my bent for literature comes from. I find other languages fascinating, too, and studying Latin and Greek, German, French, and Russian (for fun; I'm far from fluent but I have a healthy understanding and appreciation of them) has greatly broadened my understanding of how and why we use certain words, and even certain conventions and modes of speech.

My love for language is what makes me so sad to see it die. Most people couldn't care any less to see English butchered and scattered to the dogs as a sacrifice to multiculturalism and a salve for the hurt feelings of non-native speakers. But I feel the loss deeply, and I am amassing a giant library of classics for my kids so they can know what real language is.

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