Monday, August 18, 2014

"Peak Grasshopper" Nadir Is Now At An End

Sun shuts down for maintenance, goes back to normal and cools off

Hey, you morons always blithering on about power conservation, the Sun is leading the way!

It's so simple, even the "super-sophisticated" should be able to figure it out.

It is the end of the Holocene. Start of the Grand Minimum. Tee-shirt weather for Enkidu's kids.

Manboons make Neanderthal laugh. Welcome to earth, whatever the hell you are. That's the problem with illegal immigration, you may end up culturally incompatible with the region you sneak into. This planet is normally much colder. Neanderthals like it that way. If you're not cold adapted you may want to go the hell back to wherever you came from because you probably won't last long on our turf.

Grasshoppers hold court for the past 100 years because of the sheer cacaphony of  gibberish they generate. We ants like it colder because it is quieter.

People who are loath to concede the Sun "may play a role" in temperatures do not warrant a mention in any regard. They are not to be taken seriously as human beings and any input they have on the subject should be flatly ignored.


Amy said...

This has been the nicest summer I can remember in years. Low humidity, cooler than average daily temps, very cool overnight for sleeping with open windows.

I'm pretty happy with the coming cold. Might have to move south a bit; the last time a glacial max hit earth a wall of ice was sitting right where my house is. I think I have some time, though.

Tex, I'm having some trouble losing body fat. Wonder if that's an adaptive thing, for cold weather and all. I'm not obese, not even a "big" girl bone-wise, but my bum won't go anywhere. I've been thinking about this "obesity epidemic" and wonder sometimes if we're not fattening up for the coming cold. I've switched my diet to all-organic and pure foods I mostly grow myself, hunted meats, pure water, very few grains, still can't look svelte. I don't know if our genes are trying to tell us something our minds can't yet comprehend*.

*I'm not talking about whales who won't put down the sugar and eat an appropriate diet for their metabolism, but can't blame some of them when docs hand out piss-poor advice to eat high-carb herbivorous diets that make you feel starved all day. I mean average people who find it tough to get lean - maybe "lean" is not the best way to be. I'm plenty strong, back to gym after 6 week lay-off for injury and I was just able to pick up where I left off.

Texas Arcane said...


I would bet you are perfect just the way you are. You know who is svelte? Anorexics and gay barmen. I would not beat yourself up because you are not svelte. I would also bet you that men would say you were perfect but Vogue photographers would say you needed bulimia to look better.

Under 8% body fat is not good. That's about the lowest I ever got and still felt healthy. If you're not impeded by your body weight in any way then you are not overweight in any sense of the word. Probably look pretty darn good, too. Actual men don't like svelte.