Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good News For Polar Bears

Everything that globowarmthinkery has ever said is a lie.

It is bad news for the sheeple who were dumb enough to believe the things they heard on televitz.

All declining civilisations reach their Waterloo. This arbitrary timing with the end of the Holocene is a very, very bad coincidence if you are an atheist, a harbinger of the wrath of God if you are a Christian.

I'm a half century old and I have never heard the truth promoted by the majority or ever found it in the consensus. It is the foremost principle of the scientific method and that is why the bulk of mankind will never understand it. It runs counter to the way they make decisions about the world.

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theepilgrim said...

Well remember, it's called "climate change" now, not global warming, so this doesn't necessarily disprove it. In fact, nothing can disprove it. Get with the times, Vault-Co, science doesn't have to be falsifiable or testable these days.

I'd love to believe all the scienmajists who were at the forefront promoting this global warming grift will be tried for fraud and serve jail time. In reality, the failure of AGW will just be flushed down the memory hole (like 'global cooling' before it) and they'll just move on to a new, government-enforced scam.