Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Globalists Show Their Hand

... and Barry Soetoro shows his true colors. Red.

None dare call it treason except the Constitution of the United States.

If Barry goes ahead with this and they don't begin impeachment proceedings, you need to stop believing their good cop/bad cop fake dichotomy. It will be obvious they are all in it together and they should all leave office together, incumbents one and all. It doesn't matter which party they claim to belong to. If they don't impeach you need to vote out any incumbent currently in office. They are all a bunch of traitors, each and every single one of them.

This is a good sign because it is an act of desperation. Conceding they can't get the votes for this anti-rational garbage has driven them to offer Barry some kind of deal if he tries to wedge it in there before he leaves.

Barry is a real citizen of the world. Unfortunately, he is not and never was a citizen of the United States. Now you know why the Founding Fathers put that requirement in there. They were right and everyone else was wrong. This man is a bolshevist Manchurian candidate and he knows this is his last chance to serve his real masters.

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