Monday, August 4, 2014

Even The Atheists Are Starting To See It

An Atheist describes the most depraved, degenerate, decadent nation on the entire planet.

When you know that Australians define themselves as most successful wherever they can emulate this damned country you just know they can't be far behind.

Emulating the Kwanstain is liking copying everything a crazy cat lady does because you think she is cool. You dream of pushing a shopping cart around filled with cats and throwing garbage off highway overpasses into oncoming traffic. Australians think if the Kwanstain does it, that must mean we should do it here, too.

Wait, it gets worse. Australians will copy every single thing that Kwanzanians do except adopting their Constitution, Bill of Rights and division of government power. Which is the only thing left worth copying. There the Australians remain rigidly devoted to socialism and parental government control as subjects of the "Queen."


KW Jackson said...

The irony of that article on that site is Mastercard-level priceless.

podrag said...

Yes I think Roosh is starting to implode somewhat. It is bad but there are still pockets of good they are just closed off to newcomers now. The good people are just rejecting wider society and, as a wanderer, Roosh is stuck in the sea of human waste also trying to randomly talk to girls in bars or the supermarket or whatever. All the girls worth knowing are going to be onto him straight away as a day gamer or whatever. I agree with a lot of what Roosh says but fact is he's stuck with the shitty parts of society because ultimately all he does is write blogs and have sex with strangers so he's only ever going to be exposed to degenerate douchebaggery because ultimately he has ko other interests than degenerate douchebaggery himself. Boohoo.