Sunday, August 24, 2014

CDC Whistleblower Blows The Lid Off Sheeple-Killing Vaccination Program

I heard that this guy's identity has already been exposed and he is now trying to defect Snowden style to a country that won't kill him for telling the truth about something. When somebody goes after MMR they are knocking a trillion dollar medical industry that is bread-n-butter income for a lot of corporations.

I would expect because of the money involved in vaccines that this guy would be a higher priority target than Edward Snowden, who to date has never revealed anything you could not read about on Vault-Co over a decade ago.

If you are a black man and you understand what you are hearing in the story above, you are rioting and looting over all the wrong things. If I were a black American I think the top of my head would boil off after hearing this story. It is like the Tuskegee experiment on about 40 million black children. Saying it is horrific doesn't even begin to describe how monstrous it is.

Do you also notice how when all other human institutions have failed, again and again the fear of God compels honesty even in the worst elements of civilisation? Why do you think psychopaths and sociopaths hate religion so much? Does it matter if God exists or not when the possibility he does may be the only thing that can make human beings do the right thing? Think about it. Furthermore, if God did not represent judgement and was a metrosexual gay "god" like Oprah says who had no standards and no righteousness and asked nothing of us, would he be able to instill any fear which scripture says is the beginning of all wisdom? The key to all of it is that first and foremost, God is righteous and just in his judgements. That's where wisdom begins.


Grognard said...

Well said.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Amazing how rapidly this story got buried.