Monday, August 25, 2014

BOOM Matrix Just Blew Up You Don't Even Need To Take The Red Pill

Biggest conspiracy to commit scientific fraud in modern history

Oh, man, the lawsuits. You can smell 'em coming. Open and shut case. Anybody with a child who developed autism is going to sue these people until their eyes and nose and mouth bleed money. The court cases are going to each be ten minutes long and a jury is going to find for the plaintiff in every case because it is that obvious now.

Tuskegee Experiment is nothing compared to this.

I wish to God every single black American with children went out to get a lawyer. Right now. You're going to win and you're going to win big. Screw these people so badly they are left in a pickle barrel and then seize the barrel as an undeclared asset.



This is a crime against mankind and it warrants a Nuremberg for doctors. They need to bring back public hangings in these trials to make an example out of the people involved. What they did destroyed more human beings than any other atrocity or genocide of the past century. The governments that were complicit in these crimes should be abolished in the next general elections and replaced with all new political parties that represent the interests of warm blooded mammals.

Australians, do you have any idea how badly your Yank buddies f*cked you? They f*cked you so hard you have no feeling left in your a**hole. Did you know that when those worst mercury containing vaccines had to be phased out that they dumped all their stocks on Australia despite knowing they were totally unsafe to use on your children over the last twenty years? Aussie, the worst part is you have been f*cked so hard by your Yank friends that you are loopy and you love the Yanks now. You think they are your friends. The way the Yank medical industry did this country you wouldn't do to a dog. They dumped poisonous mercury vaccines on your population because your government was dumb enough to purchase them and enforce their use. You wouldn't do a dog the way the Australians got done. You got ripped off, scammed over two decades and left with a population of autistic children. You were owned. When will you learn that you never trust a Yank, Aussies? You never trust a Yank. Yanks are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. The Yanks are the dirtiest, most corrupted nation on the planet since the late Roman Empire. Anything that a Yank tells you is a good idea you can safely assume is a really bad idea. Never, ever trust these people or anything they say.

Now you can ban aspartame because it is pretty much the exact same story. It's a poison and it is in all your food because the Yanks told you it was safe to eat and you believed them. Like vaccines, it is just another dumb thing the Yanks dumped on you. Is there anything the Yanks can't sell you?

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