Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bolshie Regime #2

Bolshevists hate religion because it represents something higher than their "god," The State.

They're right about religion. As far as the world is concerned Christians believe in absurd things. It is difficult to think of anything more ridiculous until you consider that Leftists and Humanists worship The State, which is a collection of genetically inferior people who cannot get real day jobs. They are by and large the runts of the litter drawn to government power as the last resort of the botched and the bungled. If Christianity seems sort of childlike and simpleminded it cannot compare to the idiocy of believing in centralized government, which is the craziest religion of them all.

Most criminal organizations would think twice before giving any responsibility to the average politician. If it were not for government, such people would not be worth anything to anyone anywhere. Without government, these people would be nearly unemployable even in the most menial jobs. A lot of them flow into these positions because good men didn't show up. Nature abhors a vacuum and much like an oily sludge the average politician simply drips into the job in the absence of any opposition from a real person. Decent people don't get involved until these kinds have stuffed it up so badly that they have no choice. A man has his life to live but a politician did not have any better place to be. They were not going to found Microsoft or compose Beethoven's Fifth or split the atom. They drift towards power the way a moth is drawn to a lightbulb. It seems to be validation they could otherwise never obtain.


2639de26-295a-11e4-acd7-d3d9e2cabb21 said...

Tex, is it possible to explore those underground tunnels you discuss?

Any maps around? Good sources of info?

cbenediccengi said...

psycopaths, been with us a long time.