Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bardarbunga Is Day After Tomorrow

(Here a group of helicopter pilots so ashamed to be British they switch to German in their death throes as the superstorm puts them in cold storage for glaciation.)

Hyperbaric Supercells That Freeze The British Solid In Their Tracks

Now you know why eruptions are associated with Ice Ages. They are trigger events for a planet that is already cold from a dormant Sun. All it takes is a nudge for the climate to toggle over into a Grand Minimum.

Britain has spent years preparing itself for global warming as warned a decade ago on Vault-Co and is totally unprepared for this. With most of their fuel transport on trucks instead of rails (as in the past) a million pensioners will die in their flats without anyway to heat them. The roads will be impassable and so many elderly people who need daily assistance will lack heat, food and water. The last snap most ancient plumbing systems in Britain froze solid and some pensioners were having to melt snow to get drinking water. That of course requires fuel and short of burning down their own houses they will not have any.

The Thames will freeze up blocking emergency relief coming in on boats and even if they could dock there will be no way to go from ship to rail and then to British homes where it will be needed. A real cluster when the time comes, watch and see. We've been telling you this on Vault-Co for over a decade.


government will abuse all who tell truth said...

Obama the worst Demoncratic demonic serpent since the Garden of Eden

styrac1 said...

Oh yeah Britain, where (being perceived as) racist is a worst offense than actually being a baby rapist:

"More than 1,400 children were sexually abused during a period of over 16 years by gangs of paedophiles after police and council bosses turned a blind eye for fear of being labelled racist"

mike said...

The video is dubbed in German. It has nothing to do with the characters in the helicopters being ashamed to speak English.

Serious question: Are you all there, mentally? I get the vibe that you have moments of great lucidity followed moments of senility. Let me know.

Texas Arcane said...


Did you know the inability to distinguish humor in simple contexts is a sign of damage to the frontal lobes? You're asking me if I am all there "mentally?"

Did you really think I believed that the pilots began to speak German when they believed they were going to die? Did you know that is actually funnier than what I said that you thought I meant that? That is pretty funny that you thought I was being serious. I am laughing pretty hard at that right now.

Wait, was I also serious in my story about the ISIS post-production minivan? This is funny stuff. Keep it coming, I need better material. I am always trying to add new gags to my repertoire.

mike said...

Given that the rest of your post was dead serious (referring to millions of deaths and all), your attempt at sarcasm was piss-poor. Context is key, after all.

You can't write a dead serious post but start off with a joke. You have a lot to learn about comedy.

mike said...

And you can attempt to gain the upper hand in this conversation all you like with your talk of how much you're laughing, but it won't work. Your comedic talents are piss poor. Work on them.

Texas Arcane said...


Graveyard ambulance humor attached to latest bad news? You must be new to Vault-Co.

AUSSIE said...

It's amazing mainstreamer sheeple such as Mike can actually muster sufficient IQ to land here let alone pass judgement on the intelligence of the forum host!

mike said...


Um, ok.


Jesus, what an idiot.

Simon said...

mike, you've already sufficiently classed yourself as a clown, just walk on by mate.

AUSSIE said...


Facebook is missing you, they want you back!