Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are There Any Children In Britain Left Unmolested?

Let's see a show of hands of people who would like to see the United Nations change "Britain" on all their international maps to "Baby Buggery Island" instead. That is more appropriate.

This isn't what British men fought and died for in World War Two. If they found out what would happen in the half century after the war, they would have all thrown down their arms and defected to the German side in a single day. Sorry but you know it is true. None of those men was fighting for this. Would have been better if Von Braun had put a nuke on the end of one of the V-2s and turned the entire land mass into a water-filled crater. At least then the British would have perished with their dignity intact. To think that more than ten thousand years of continuous inhabitation of the British Isles has ended this way is to despair.

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August said...

If you consider the genetic effects of two world wars on a population, then this sort of outcome makes sense. Surely most of the good stock died in the wars.