Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Amygdala Is The Center Of The Brain For A Reason

It may well be the most important part of the brain altogether

... and the leftist can easily be detected in a CT scan of the brain -- IT'S MISSING! NO, IT'S NOT AN OPTION! IT'S MANDATORY!

Ever since they discovered this, leftists have been calling the amygdala the "fear center" since it is associated with detecting hazards and threats in the environment and the right wing always has big, fat, prominent amygdalas. Since "fear" is the most basic part of biological existence, they may be right about that.


Grognard said...

It doesn't sound like the fear center so much as the "gullibility reduction center". The biggest thing about rank and file leftist types is they seem to be very gullible and believe absolutely anything some idiot spews out there no matter how blatantly false it is.

Grognard said...

Also, I've got to laugh at the description of trustworthy versus untrustworthy. I must have the scariest face on the earth with my swooping up eyebrows, protruding chin, wide and heavy cheekbones, and very deepset eyes.

Simon said...

More on "Mouse Utopia":

Grognard said...

The mouseutopia guy has a really dumb way of looking at things and his talk about lifespan is just ridiculous. I am sure there is a big correlation to very long lifespan and IQ, and basically everything you would see as good. I have a surprising number of centenarian ancestors, everyone in the family is healthy as a horse and pretty successful and doesn't succumb to dementia with age.

There are genes for longevity that have been cataloged, and in a modern society they are a big help. There is sign of heavy selection on them because the longer you live and can work, the more children you can have and more importantly (in stable societies or ones with deprivation) the better you can take care of them! So this shows his idea about the longevity part is just factually wrong.

However the mouseutopia does show how mutations crop up in any animal. It's nothing to do with "weeding out" it's to do with uncompetitive strains being allowed to breed like crazy. Welfare is a good example of how this happens with humans, and why we have an ever growing criminal class even (and especially!) when the economy is doing well. That's right, good economy is leading to more criminals not the other way around. Not to mention in europe laxer police laws do fail to "weed out" criminals and low and behold, the once very low crime rates creep up and up, and not just in the immigrant populations.

And here we have it - one half the world population has a recessive version of a lethal mutation. Just think about that.

In a harsh environment this will never happen. Just like you'll never see a lion with bad teeth. I am sure the same applies to brains as well, which are shrinking at the speed of light. Originally, though, everyone had to have had all the brain genes just like they had to have fully functioning teeth or die too young to raise their children. At least anyone in a particular population would be uniform, anyway.

So yes I am sure you can blame farming and larger populations on this to a degree. But there is selection in the form of police, being unable to find work, not living long enough to send your kids to college, being gullible and having all your life savings stolen etc. etc. etc.

Of course this goes out the window when you have 1% of your population crowd in from abroad every year and a large population on welfare. Then you are selecting FOR weakness and very quickly replacing the native population.

Which people are beginning to realize, if only by the fact they see there are no jobs for them and no possible chance to live the same lifestyles as their parents. Which, like cleve says, is when the social contract starts to break down. Then people who are NOT criminal lowlifes start to try to tear down the system. And when enough start to pound at the gates of the bastille nothing can stop it.

PrairieSage07 said...

How much earth do you recommend for a shelter roof? Length of time for shelter living?

Looking forward to your book.

Luke said...

While searching through Vault-Co, I came across a post from 2009 in which Tex mentioned "an incredible, fortean account... which will blow your mind."

I tried to read the story, but I noticed the link was broken after the first page. Well I did a little searching, and I found a pdf version now available at the magazine website:

I found the story very intriguing, and I highly recommend it to Vault-Co readers. Topics include ancient petroglyphs, UFOs, and secret military projects.

Edward said...

Amygdala size is a sexually dimorphic trait.
Women usually have smaller amygdalas than men.

Left/Right wing beliefs and behaviours are also sexually dimorphic traits. In the normal course of events women are left wing (tend and befriend) and men are right wing (fight or flight).

Flood the environment with estrogens, synthetic or otherwise, and maybe, just a couple of generations later, you will end up with successively shrinking amydalas and a more left wing populace. Much easier to manipulate and control. I think they call it progress, or progressivism, or something like that.

Texas Arcane said...


Gut feelings usually turn out to be reflections of hard data.

Edward said...

Amygdala in adult rats changes size in response to circulating hormone levels.

Diet effects hormones, so high sugar diet -> high estrogen levels.

Long term consequences..

Mess around with your hormones at your peril..