Friday, August 1, 2014

1929 Weimar = 2014 Kwanstainia

Inflation is a marvellous way to reduce a civilisation to smoking ashes overnight.

You don't have to carpet bomb it or nuke it to get the same result.

You simply make money worth less than food costs. It is easy.

Amerikwa "Under The Dome" Is Psy-Propaganda To Prepare Kwans For Tyranny

Notice how everybody in "Under The Dome" argues what is the best way to organise people for their own good and how they are constantly hammering in the notion that nobody can be allowed to retain any individual rights in such a situation?


lysander said...

10 years ago I was warning people about this and they laughed. "Never happen in THIS country" was the standard reply.

I notice that they have all stopped laughing.

You're right, Tex. Man is not a learning animal.

Bob said...

I remember the ridicule and the laughter when I suggested to my Irish and UK friends to sell their overpriced homes and investment properties, rent for a few years while stocking up on Gold/Silver. I dont waste my time any more, even as theyre making the same mistakes again.